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NNAMDÏ 'Touchdown' music video Touchdown (2022)
Director: Sandy Honig
Ava Max 'Million Dollar Baby' music video Million Dollar Baby (2022)
Ava Max
Director: Andrew Donoho
Bella Poarch 'Living Hell' music video Living Hell (2022)
Bella Poarch
Director: Andrew Donoho
Sub Urban 'BANDIT' music video BANDIT (2022)
Sub Urban
Director: Brendan Vaughan
Jesse & Joy 'Imagina' music video Imagina (2022)
Jesse & Joy
Director: Carlos Lopez Estrada
Adrian Quesada 'El Paraguas' music video El Paraguas (2022)
Adrian Quesada
Director: Basa
Sub Urban 'UH OH!' music video UH OH! (2022)
Sub Urban
Director: Andrew Donoho
Carlie Hanson 'Girls in Line for the Bathroom' music video Girls in Line for the Bathroom (2022)
Carlie Hanson
Director: Roxy Sorkin
George Ezra 'Anyone For You' music video Anyone For You (2022)
George Ezra
Director: Andrew Donoho
Cuco 'Piel Canela' music video Piel Canela (2021)
Director: Basa
Mitski 'The Only Heartbreaker' music video The Only Heartbreaker (2021)
Directors: Maegan Houang, Jeff Desom
Jamila Woods 'WYD (You Got Me)' music video WYD (You Got Me) (2021)
Jamila Woods
Director: Carlos Lopez Estrada
Earth, Wind & Fire 'You Want My Love' music video You Want My Love (2021)
Earth, Wind & Fire
Director: Andrew Litten
Coin 'Chapstick' music video Chapstick (2021)
Director: Daniel Henry
St. Paul & The Broken Bones 'The Last Dance' music video The Last Dance (2021)
St. Paul & The Broken Bones
Director: Machete Bang Bang
Brianna Castro 'Do It Again' music video Do It Again (2021)
Brianna Castro
Director: Lillie Wojcik
Cuco 'Under The Sun' music video Under The Sun (2021)
Directors: Carlos Lopez Estrada, Jeff Desom
BANKS 'Skinnydipped' music video Skinnydipped (2021)
Director: BANKS
Co-Director: Michael Stine
Jessie Murph 'Look Who's Cryin' Now' music video Look Who's Cryin' Now (2021)
Jessie Murph
Director: Giraffe Studios
Katy Perry 'Electric' music video Electric (2021)
Katy Perry
Director: Carlos Lopez Estrada
Ai Bendr 'Coffee' music video Coffee (2021)
Ai Bendr
Directors: Zoe Donahoe, Adam Sputh
JVKE 'Home' music video Home (2021)
Director: Kate Rentz
Jhené Aiko 'Lead the Way' music video Lead the Way (2021)
Jhené Aiko
Director: Carlos Lopez Estrada
Natalie Bergman 'Shine Your Light On Me' music video Shine Your Light On Me (2021)
Natalie Bergman
Director: Alan Del Rio Ortiz
Manchester Orchestra 'Bed Head' music video Bed Head (2021)
Manchester Orchestra
Director: Andrew Donoho
tUnE-yArDs 'Hold Yourself.' music video Hold Yourself. (2021)
Director: Diego Huacuja T.
Charlie Hickey 'Ten Feet Tall' music video Ten Feet Tall (2021)
Charlie Hickey
Directors: Zoe Donahoe, Adam Sputh
Diplo 'Horizon' music video Horizon (2020)
Director: Alan Del Rio Ortiz
Meghan Trainor 'I Believe In Santa' music video I Believe In Santa (2020)
Meghan Trainor
Director: Josh Forbes
Carly Rae Jepsen 'It’s Not Christmas Till Somebody Cries' music video It’s Not Christmas Till Somebody Cries (2020)
Carly Rae Jepsen
Director: Josh Forbes
Tori Kelly '25th' music video 25th (2020)
Tori Kelly
Director: Jo Roy
Philmon Lee 'No Saving Me' music video No Saving Me (2020)
Philmon Lee
Director: Lillie Wojcik
Gunna 'Dollaz On My Head' music video Dollaz On My Head (2020)
Directors: Spike Jordan, Maxime Quoilin
Ludwig Göransson 'The Mandalorian Theme' music video The Mandalorian Theme (2020)
Ludwig Göransson
Director: Isaac Ravishankara
Bully 'Every Tradition' music video Every Tradition (2020)
Directors: Alan Del Rio Ortiz, Alicia Bognanno
Bully 'Where To Start' music video Where To Start (2020)
Directors: Alan Del Rio Ortiz, Alicia Bognanno
Aaron Carpenter 'You' music video You (2020)
Aaron Carpenter
Director: Kate Rentz
Silversun Pickups 'Don't Know Yet' music video Don't Know Yet (2019)
Silversun Pickups
Director: Alan Del Rio Ortiz
Tones And I 'The Kids Are Coming' music video The Kids Are Coming (2019)
Tones And I
Director: Alan Del Rio Ortiz
Active Child 'All Eyes On You' music video All Eyes On You (2019)
Active Child
Director: Isaac Ravishankara
Meg Myers 'Running Up That Hill' music video Running Up That Hill (2019)
Meg Myers
Director: Jo Roy
Vicente García 'Ahí Ahí' music video Ahí Ahí (2019)
Vicente García
Director: Alan Del Rio Ortiz
Elle Fanning 'Wildflowers' music video Wildflowers (2019)
Elle Fanning
Director: Alan Del Rio Ortiz
Missio 'I See You' music video I See You (2019)
Director: Ben Fee
Ice Cube 'Ain't Got No Haters' music video Ain't Got No Haters (2019)
Ice Cube
Director: Alan Del Rio Ortiz
Steve Aoki 'Why Are We So Broken' music video Why Are We So Broken (2019)
Steve Aoki
Director: Brandon Dermer
The Damned Things 'Cells' music video Cells (2019)
The Damned Things
Director: Brandon Dermer
The Chainsmokers 'This Feeling' music video This Feeling (2018)
The Chainsmokers
Director: Similar But Different
Steady Holiday 'Mothers' music video Mothers (2018)
Steady Holiday
Director: Isaac Ravishankara

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