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Five Knives 'Savages' music video Savages (2015) Director: Martin & Nick
Production Companies: Dirty Robber, The Uprising Creative
Five Knives 'Sugar' music video Sugar (2015) Director: WATTS
Production Company: Vision Film
Five Knives 'The Future' music video The Future (2013) Director: Lance Drake
Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment
Five Knives 'Vive Le Roi' music video Vive Le Roi (2013) Director: Ace Norton
Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment
Five Knives 'The Rising' music video The Rising (2013) Director: Nautico
Five Knives 'Messin' With My Mind' music video Messin' With My Mind (2013) Director: Taylor Cohen
Five Knives 'All Fall Down' music video All Fall Down (2013) Director: Bryan Schlam
Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment

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