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Flyleaf 'Set Me On Fire' music video Set Me On Fire (2014) Director: Noel Maitland
Flyleaf 'Call You Out' music video Call You Out (2012) Director: Brad Scott
Production Company: Definite Productions
Flyleaf 'New Horizons' music video New Horizons (2012) Director: Don Tyler
Flyleaf 'Chasm' music video Chasm (2010) Director: Giles Timms
Flyleaf 'Missing' music video Missing (2010) Director: Diane Martel
Flyleaf 'Beautiful Bride' music video Beautiful Bride (2010) Director: Don Tyler
Production Company: Ryan K Productions
Flyleaf 'Again' music video Again (2009) Director: Meiert Avis
Production Company: Pusher Media
Flyleaf 'Sorrow' music video Sorrow (2008) Director: Jake Davis
Production Company: Kleiner Inc.
Flyleaf 'Fully Alive' music video Fully Alive (2007) Director: The Brothers Strause
Production Company: Tight
Flyleaf 'All Around Me' music video All Around Me (2007) Director: Paul Fedor
Production Company: Uncle
Flyleaf 'I'm So Sick' music video I'm So Sick (2006) Director: The Brothers Strause
Production Company: Tight
Flyleaf 'Breathe Today' music video Breathe Today (2004) Director: Dave Garcia

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