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Foals '2001' music video 2001 (2022)
Foals 'Looking High' music video Looking High (2022) Director: Kit Monteith
Foals '2am' music video 2am (2022) Director: Tanu Muino
Production Company: UnderWonder Content
Foals 'Neptune' music video Neptune (2020) Director: David East
Foals 'Like Lightning' music video Like Lightning (2019) Director: Virginie Kypriotis
Production Company: Code
Foals 'Into The Surf' music video Into The Surf (2019) Director: Steve Warne
Foals 'The Runner' music video The Runner (2019) Director: Quentin Deronzier
Production Company: LA PAC
Foals 'Black Bull' music video Black Bull (2019) Director: Niall O'Brien
Foals 'Sunday' music video Sunday (2019) Director: Leif Podhajsky
Foals 'In Degrees' music video In Degrees (2019) Director: Aaron Brown
Production Company: FRIEND
Foals 'Cafe D'Athens' music video Cafe D'Athens (2019) Directors: Jonny Costello, Charlotte Audrey
Production Company: Adult Art Club
Foals 'Moonlight' music video Moonlight (2019)
Foals 'On the Luna' music video On the Luna (2019) Directors: Kit Monteith, Alex Knowles
Foals 'Exits' music video Exits (2019) Director: Albert Moya
Production Company: Canada
Foals 'Birch Tree' music video Birch Tree (2016) Director: Dave Ma
Foals 'Give It All' music video Give It All (2015) Director: Nabil
Production Company: Phantasm (3)
Foals 'Mountain At My Gates' music video Mountain At My Gates (2015) Director: Nabil
Foals 'What Went Down' music video What Went Down (2015) Director: Niall O'Brien
Foals 'Out Of The Woods' music video Out Of The Woods (2013) Director: Nabil
Foals 'Bad Habit' music video Bad Habit (2013) Director: Nabil
Foals 'Late Night' music video Late Night (2013) Director: Nabil
Foals 'My Number' music video My Number (2013) Director: Dave Ma
Foals 'Inhaler' music video Inhaler (2012) Director: Dave Ma
Foals 'This Orient' music video This Orient (2010) Director: Dave Ma
Production Company: Pulse Films
Foals 'Miami' music video Miami (2010) Director: Dave Ma
Production Companies: Ways & Means, Pulse Films
Foals 'Spanish Sahara' music video Spanish Sahara (2010) Director: Dave Ma
Foals 'Blue Blood' music video Blue Blood (2010) Director: Chris Sweeney
Foals 'Red Socks Pugie' music video Red Socks Pugie (2008) Director: Dave Ma
Production Company: Plus One Lung
Foals 'Cassius' music video Cassius (2008) Director: Dave Ma
Foals 'Olympic Airways' music video Olympic Airways (2008) Director: Dave Ma
Production Company: Pulse Films
Foals 'Mathletics' music video Mathletics (2007) Director: Ben Rollason
Production Company: Run Productions
Foals 'Hummer' music video Hummer (2007) Director: Ollie Evans
Production Company: Partizan
Foals 'Balloons' music video Balloons (2007) Director: Dave Ma
Production Company: Plus One Lung

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