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Gomez 'How We Operate' music video How We Operate (2006) Director: Tom Gray
Production Company: Moving Pictures
Gomez 'Silence' music video Silence (2004) Director: Uwe Flade
Production Company: Cops And Robbers
Gomez 'Sound of Sounds' music video Sound of Sounds (2002) Director: Jamie Thraves
Production Company: Oil Factory Inc.
Gomez 'Ping One Down' music video Ping One Down (2002) Director: Graham Wakefield
Gomez 'Shot Shot' music video Shot Shot (2002) Director: Si & Ad
Production Company: Bullet Films
Gomez 'We Haven't Turned Around' music video We Haven't Turned Around (1999) Director: Lawrence Dunmore
Production Company: Black Dog Films
Gomez 'Bring It On' music video Bring It On (1999) Director: Ringan Ledwidge
Production Company: The End
Gomez 'Rhythm & Blues Alibi' music video Rhythm & Blues Alibi (1999) Director: David Mould
Production Company: Academy Films
Gomez 'Get Myself Arrested' music video Get Myself Arrested (1998) Director: Rupert Jones
Production Company: Why Not Films
Gomez '78 Stone Wobble' music video 78 Stone Wobble (1998) Director: Olly Blackburn
Production Company: Godman

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