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Interpol 'Toni' music video Toni (2022) Director: Van Alpert
Interpol 'If You Really Love Nothing' music video If You Really Love Nothing (2018) Director: Hala Matar
Interpol 'Everything Is Wrong' music video Everything Is Wrong (2015) Directors: Paul Banks, Carlos Puga
Interpol 'My Desire' music video My Desire (2014) Director: Markus Lundqvist
Interpol 'Twice As Hard' music video Twice As Hard (2014) Director: Paul Banks
Interpol 'All the Rage Back Home' music video All the Rage Back Home (2014) Directors: Paul Banks, Sophia Peer
Production Company: Coco Collective
Interpol 'Lights' music video Lights (2011) Director: David Lynch
Interpol 'Barricade' music video Barricade (2010) Director: Moh Azima
Interpol 'Lights' music video Lights (2010) Director: Charlie White
Interpol 'The Heinrich Maneuver' music video The Heinrich Maneuver (2007) Director: Elias Merhige
Interpol 'Mammoth' music video Mammoth (2007) Director: Jai Stokes
Interpol 'No I In Threesome' music video No I In Threesome (2007) Production Company: The Directors Bureau
Director: Patrick Daughters
Interpol 'Rest My Chemistry' music video Rest My Chemistry (2007)
Interpol 'Evil' music video Evil (2005) Director: Charlie White
Interpol 'C'mere' music video C'mere (2005) Director: Adam Levite
Production Company: Partizan
Interpol 'Slow Hands' music video Slow Hands (2004) Director: Daniel Levi
Interpol 'NYC' music video NYC (2003) Directors: Doug Aitken, Adam Levite
Interpol 'Obstacle 1' music video Obstacle 1 (2003) Director: Floria Sigismondi
Interpol 'PDA' music video PDA (2002) Director: Christopher Mills

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