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Jack White 'Corporation' music video Corporation (2018) Director: Jodeb
Jack White 'Over and Over and Over' music video Over and Over and Over (2018) Director: Us
Jack White 'Connected By Love' music video Connected By Love (2018) Director: Pasqual Gutierrez
Production Company: Whitelist
Jack White 'That Black Bat Licorice' music video That Black Bat Licorice (2015) Director: James Blagden
Jack White 'Would You Fight For My Love?' music video Would You Fight For My Love? (2014) Director: Robert Hales
Jack White 'Lazaretto' music video Lazaretto (2014) Director: Jonas & Francois
Jack White 'High Ball Stepper' music video High Ball Stepper (2014) Directors: Ben Swank, James Cathcart
Jack White 'I'm Shakin'' music video I'm Shakin' (2012) Director: Dori Oskowitz
Production Company: Prettybird
Jack White 'Love Interruption' music video Love Interruption (2012) Director: Jack White
Jack White 'Sixteen Saltines' music video Sixteen Saltines (2012) Director: AG Rojas
Jack White 'Freedom At 21' music video Freedom At 21 (2012) Director: Hype Williams

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