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James Blunt 'Bartender' music video Bartender (2017) Director: Declan Whitebloom
James Blunt 'Love Me Better' music video Love Me Better (2017)
James Blunt 'Postcards' music video Postcards (2014) Director: Vaughan Arnell
James Blunt 'When I Find Love Again' music video When I Find Love Again (2014) Director: Vaughan Arnell
James Blunt 'Blue On Blue' music video Blue On Blue (2013) Director: Brett Sullivan
James Blunt 'Satellites' music video Satellites (2013) Director: Brett Sullivan
James Blunt 'Bonfire Heart' music video Bonfire Heart (2013) Director: Vaughan Arnell
Production Company: Cineaste Films
James Blunt 'Heart To Heart' music video Heart To Heart (2013) Director: Vaughan Arnell
James Blunt 'I'll Be Your Man' music video I'll Be Your Man (2011) Director: Giorgio Testi
James Blunt 'If Time Is All I Have' music video If Time Is All I Have (2011) Director: Marc Klasfeld
James Blunt 'So Far Gone' music video So Far Gone (2011) Director: Marc Klasfeld
James Blunt 'Dangerous' music video Dangerous (2011) Director: Luc Janin
James Blunt 'Stay The Night' music video Stay The Night (2010) Director: Ray Kay
James Blunt 'Carry You Home' music video Carry You Home (2008) Director: Jake Nava
James Blunt 'Love, Love, Love' music video Love, Love, Love (2008) Director: Kinga Burza
James Blunt 'I Really Want You' music video I Really Want You (2008) Director: Jim Canty
James Blunt '1973' music video 1973 (2007) Director: P.R. Brown
James Blunt 'Same Mistake' music video Same Mistake (2007) Director: Jonas Åkerlund
James Blunt 'No Bravery' music video No Bravery (2006) Director: Paul Heyes
James Blunt 'Goodbye My Lover' music video Goodbye My Lover (2005)
James Blunt 'High' music video High (2005)
James Blunt 'Wisemen' music video Wisemen (2005) Director: Paul Minor
James Blunt 'You're Beautiful' music video You're Beautiful (2005) Director: Sam Brown

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