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Petite Meller 'The Flute' music video The Flute (2016)
Petite Meller
Directors: A.T.Mann, Napoleon Habeica
Petite Meller 'Barbaric' music video Barbaric (2015)
Petite Meller
Directors: Napoleon Habeica, A.T.Mann
Petite Meller 'Baby Love' music video Baby Love (2015)
Petite Meller
Directors: A.T.Mann, Napoleon Habeica
Production Company: Black Kight Films
Jessie Ware 'Tough Love' music video Tough Love (2014)
Jessie Ware
Director: BRTHR
Production Company: Friend
John Newman 'Cheating' music video Cheating (2013)
John Newman
Director: David Mould
King Krule 'Easy Easy' music video Easy Easy (2013)
King Krule
Director: Focus Creeps
Bat For Lashes 'Laura' music video Laura (2012)
Bat For Lashes
Director: Noel Paul
Production Company: Friend
Florrie 'Begging Me' music video Begging Me (2011)
Director: Price James

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