Laura Francis


as Stylist (6)

Arcade Fire 'We Exist' music video We Exist (2014)
Arcade Fire
Director: David Wilson
Production Company: The Directors Bureau
The Knocks 'Comfortable' music video Comfortable (2014)
The Knocks
Director: Ace Norton
Production Company: Prettybird
Ellie Goulding 'Goodness Gracious' music video Goodness Gracious (2014)
Ellie Goulding
Director: Kinga Burza
Production Company: Partizan
Parade of Lights 'We're the Kids' music video We're the Kids (2013)
Parade of Lights
Director: Tim Mattia
Production Company: Cineaste Films
Zee Avi '31 Days' music video 31 Days (2013)
Zee Avi
Director: Jason Baum
Zee Avi 'Concrete Wall' music video Concrete Wall (2012)
Zee Avi
Director: Jason Baum

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as Costumer (4)

Calvin Harris 'We'll Be Coming Back' music video We'll Be Coming Back (2012)
Calvin Harris
Director: Saman Kesh
Production Company: Pulse Films
Scissor Sisters 'Shady Love' music video Shady Love (2012)
Scissor Sisters
Director: Hiro Murai
Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment
St. Vincent 'Cheerleader' music video Cheerleader (2012)
St. Vincent
Director: Hiro Murai
Production Company: Bonnie Brae
Twin Shadow 'Five Seconds' music video Five Seconds (2012)
Twin Shadow
Director: Keith Musil
Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment

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as Wardrobe Stylist (4)

Sub Focus 'Tidal Wave' music video Tidal Wave (2012)
Sub Focus
Director: Tim Nackashi
Production Company: Black Dog Films
The Penelopes 'Sally In The Galaxy' music video Sally In The Galaxy (2012)
The Penelopes
Production Companies: Pulse UK, Revel Pictures
Chelsea Bain 'Rockin' That Trailer' music video Rockin' That Trailer (2012)
Chelsea Bain
Director: Layne Pavoggi
Production Company: Revel Pictures
Scars On 45 'Heart On Fire' music video Heart On Fire (2011)
Scars On 45
Director: Jordan Bahat
Production Company: Toy Human

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as Costume Designer (1)

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