Martin Ahlgren


as Director of Photography (8)

The Wanted 'Lose My Mind' music video Lose My Mind (2010)
The Wanted
Director: Nigel Dick
Production Company: Bikini Films
The Dead 60s 'Loaded Gun' music video Loaded Gun (2005)
The Dead 60s
Director: Scott Lyon
Production Company: Factory Films
Blue 'Bubblin'' music video Bubblin' (2004)
Director: Alex De Rakoff
Production Company: FM Rocks
Switchfoot 'Dare You To Move' music video Dare You To Move (2004)
Director: Robert Hales
Production Company: HSI Productions
Busted (3) 'Air Hostess' music video Air Hostess (2004)
Busted (3)
Production Company: Black Dog Films
Fuel 'Falls On Me' music video Falls On Me (2003)
Director: Martin Weisz
Production Company: A Band Apart
Louise 'Pandora's Kiss' music video Pandora's Kiss (2003)
Director: Trudy Bellinger
Busted (3) 'Sleeping With The Light On' music video Sleeping With The Light On (2003)
Busted (3)
Director: Sven Harding

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as Additional Photography (2)

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