Max Chyzhevskyy

Max Chyzhevskyy

VFX Producer/Supervisor at GloriaFX    Los Angeles 


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Visual Effects (39)

Iggy Azalea 'Team' music video Team (2016)
Iggy Azalea
VFX Producer
Valentino Khan 'Deep Down Low' music video Deep Down Low (2016)
Valentino Khan
VFX Supervisor - Gloria FX
Note: Gloria FX
Demi Lovato 'Cool For The Summer' music video Cool For The Summer (2015)
Demi Lovato
VFX Supervisor
Jack Ü 'Where Are Ü Now' music video Where Are Ü Now (2015)
Jack Ü
VFX Producer
Muse 'Mercy' music video Mercy (2015)
VFX Producer
Vince Staples 'Señorita' music video Señorita (2015)
Vince Staples
VFX Producer
Marilyn Manson 'The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles' music video The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles (2015)
Marilyn Manson
VFX Producer
Tyler, The Creator 'Fucking Young' music video Fucking Young (2015)
Tyler, The Creator
VFX Producer
Brandon Flowers 'Can't Deny My Love' music video Can't Deny My Love (2015)
Brandon Flowers
VFX Supervisor
Earl Sweatshirt 'Grief' music video Grief (2015)
Earl Sweatshirt
VFX Executive Producer
Ciara 'I Bet' music video I Bet (2015)
VFX Executive Producer
Big Sean 'Blessings' music video Blessings (2015)
Big Sean
VFX Producer
Sabrina Carpenter 'We'll Be the Stars' music video We'll Be the Stars (2015)
Sabrina Carpenter
VFX Supervisor
Galantis 'Runaway (U & I)' music video Runaway (U & I) (2015)
VFX Executive Producer
Ne-Yo 'Coming With You' music video Coming With You (2015)
VFX Producer
Sandra Kolstad 'My Yellow Heart' music video My Yellow Heart (2015)
Sandra Kolstad
VFX Producer
Ty Dolla $ign 'Stand For' music video Stand For (2014)
Ty Dolla $ign
VFX Executive Producer
Childish Gambino 'Telegraph Ave ( Telegraph Ave ("Oakland" By Lloyd) (2014)
Childish Gambino
VFX Executive Producer
The Vamps 'Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart)' music video Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart) (2014)
The Vamps
VFX Executive Producer
Ten Walls 'Walking With Elephants' music video Walking With Elephants (2014)
Ten Walls
VFX Executive Producer
Redfoo 'New Thang' music video New Thang (2014)
VFX Executive Producer
Jessie J 'Bang Bang' music video Bang Bang (2014)
Jessie J
VFX Executive Producer
Nicki Minaj 'Anaconda' music video Anaconda (2014)
Nicki Minaj
VFX Executive Producer
Lil Wayne 'Krazy' music video Krazy (2014)
Lil Wayne
VFX Executive Producer
RaeLynn 'God Made Girls' music video God Made Girls (2014)
VFX Executive Producer
The New Pornographers 'War On The East Coast' music video War On The East Coast (2014)
The New Pornographers
VFX Executive Producer
Paris Hilton 'Come Alive' music video Come Alive (2014)
Paris Hilton
VFX Supervisor
Gene 'Let My Soul Bleed' music video Let My Soul Bleed (2014)
VFX Supervisor
Suicide Silence 'You Can't Stop Me' music video You Can't Stop Me (2014)
Suicide Silence
VFX Executive Producer
FKA Twigs 'Two Weeks' music video Two Weeks (2014)
FKA Twigs
Executive Producer VFX
Itch 'Another Man' music video Another Man (2014)
VFX Executive Producer
Bella Thorne 'Call It Whatever' music video Call It Whatever (2014)
Bella Thorne
VFX Executive Producer
Shakira 'Empire' music video Empire (2014)
VFX Supervisor - @ Gloria FX
Note: @ Gloria FX
Tinashe '2 On' music video 2 On (2014)
VFX Executive Producer
Dierks Bentley 'Bourbon In Kentucky' music video Bourbon In Kentucky (2014)
Dierks Bentley
VFX Supervisor
Angel Haze 'Battle Cry' music video Battle Cry (2014)
Angel Haze
VFX Executive Producer
Foals 'Bad Habit' music video Bad Habit (2013)
VFX Executive Producer
Chris Brown 'Fine China' music video Fine China (2013)
Chris Brown
VFX Executive Producer

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