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Gloria FX

Visual Effects Company    Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine 

Gloria FX is Ukraine's leading post production company specialized in creating high-end visual effects for feature films, TV shows, music videos and TV commercials.


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Kanye West 'I Love It' music video I Love It (2018)
Kanye West
Directors: Kanye West, Amanda Adelson
Calum Scott 'You Are The Reason' music video You Are The Reason (2018)
Calum Scott
Director: Frank Borin
Selena Gomez 'Wolves' music video Wolves (2017)
Selena Gomez
Director: Colin Tilley
Maroon 5 'What Lovers Do' music video What Lovers Do (2017)
Maroon 5
Director: Joseph Kahn
Jason Derulo 'If I'm Lucky' music video If I'm Lucky (2017)
Jason Derulo
Director: Hannah Lux Davis
Mike WiLL Made It 'Perfect Pint' music video Perfect Pint (2017)
Mike WiLL Made It
Director: Nabil
KYLE 'iSpy' music video iSpy (2017)
Director: Colin Tilley
Ariana Grande 'Everyday' music video Everyday (2017)
Ariana Grande
Director: Chris Marrs Piliero
Romeo Santos 'Héroe Favorito' music video Héroe Favorito (2017)
Romeo Santos
Director: Marc Klasfeld
Kings Of Leon 'Reverend' music video Reverend (2017)
Kings Of Leon
The Weeknd 'Party Monster' music video Party Monster (2017)
The Weeknd
Director: BRTHR
Bebe Rexha 'I Got You' music video I Got You (2017)
Bebe Rexha
Director: Dave Meyers
AFI 'Snow Cats' music video Snow Cats (2017)
Director: Drew Kirsch
Stevie Wonder 'Faith' music video Faith (2016)
Stevie Wonder
Director: Alan Bibby
Fergie 'Life Goes On' music video Life Goes On (2016)
Director: Chris Marrs Piliero
Bon Jovi 'The Devil's In The Temple' music video The Devil's In The Temple (2016)
Bon Jovi
Fabio Rovazzi 'Tutto Molto Interessante' music video Tutto Molto Interessante (2016)
Fabio Rovazzi
Directors: Mauro Russo, Fabio Rovazzi
Tan Wai Wai 'Blah Blah Blah' music video Blah Blah Blah (2016)
Tan Wai Wai
Kanye West 'Fade' music video Fade (2016)
Kanye West
Director: Eli Linnetz
Ariana Grande 'Side to Side' music video Side to Side (2016)
Ariana Grande
Director: Hannah Lux Davis
Fergie 'M.I.L.F. $' music video M.I.L.F. $ (2016)
Director: Colin Tilley
Ruth B 'Lost Boy' music video Lost Boy (2016)
Ruth B
Director: Emil Nava
Iggy Azalea 'Team' music video Team (2016)
Iggy Azalea
Director: Fabien Montique
Melanie Martinez 'Cry Baby' music video Cry Baby (2016)
Melanie Martinez
Director: Melanie Martinez
Chris Lee 'Real Love/Only You' music video Real Love/Only You (2015)
Chris Lee
Director: Kinga Burza
The Paper Kites 'Revelator Eyes' music video Revelator Eyes (2015)
The Paper Kites
Director: Dan Huiting
Motion City Soundtrack 'Lose' music video Lose (2015)
Motion City Soundtrack
Director: Dan Huiting
Hopsin 'The Pound' music video The Pound (2015)
Director: Matt Alonzo
Demi Lovato 'Cool For The Summer' music video Cool For The Summer (2015)
Demi Lovato
Director: Hannah Lux Davis
Vince Staples 'Señorita' music video Señorita (2015)
Vince Staples
Director: Ian Pons Jewell
Marilyn Manson 'The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles' music video The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles (2015)
Marilyn Manson
Director: Francesco Carrozzini
Brandon Flowers 'Can't Deny My Love' music video Can't Deny My Love (2015)
Brandon Flowers
Director: Roboshobo
Dallas Smith 'Lifted' music video Lifted (2015)
Dallas Smith
Director: Nigel Dick
Sabrina Carpenter 'We'll Be the Stars' music video We'll Be the Stars (2015)
Sabrina Carpenter
Director: Sarah McColgan
Ne-Yo 'Coming With You' music video Coming With You (2015)
Director: Colin Tilley
Nicki Minaj 'Only' music video Only (2014)
Nicki Minaj
Director: Hannah Lux Davis
Ariana Grande 'Love Me Harder' music video Love Me Harder (2014)
Ariana Grande
Director: Hannah Lux Davis
Childish Gambino 'Telegraph Ave ( Telegraph Ave ("Oakland" By Lloyd) (2014)
Childish Gambino
Director: Hiro Murai
Broken Bells 'After The Disco' music video After The Disco (2014)
Broken Bells
Director: Nelson De Castro
Jessie J 'Bang Bang' music video Bang Bang (2014)
Jessie J
Director: Hannah Lux Davis
Nicki Minaj 'Anaconda' music video Anaconda (2014)
Nicki Minaj
Director: Colin Tilley
The New Pornographers 'War On The East Coast' music video War On The East Coast (2014)
The New Pornographers
Director: Thom Glunt
Gene 'Let My Soul Bleed' music video Let My Soul Bleed (2014)
Director: Abraham Vilchez-Moran
FKA Twigs 'Two Weeks' music video Two Weeks (2014)
FKA Twigs
Director: Nabil
Bella Thorne 'Call It Whatever' music video Call It Whatever (2014)
Bella Thorne
Director: Mickey Finnegan
Ed Sheeran 'Sing' music video Sing (2014)
Ed Sheeran
Director: Emil Nava
Juicy J 'Talkin' Bout' music video Talkin' Bout (2014)
Juicy J
Director: Benny Boom
Dierks Bentley 'Bourbon In Kentucky' music video Bourbon In Kentucky (2014)
Dierks Bentley
Director: Ryan Pallotta
Salaam Remi 'One in the Chamber' music video One in the Chamber (2013)
Salaam Remi
Director: Robby Starbuck
Akon 'One In The Chamber' music video One In The Chamber (2013)
Director: Robby Starbuck
Tyga 'Hijack' music video Hijack (2013)
Director: Colin Tilley
Rich Gang 'We Been On' music video We Been On (2013)
Rich Gang
Director: Hannah Lux Davis
DJ Chuckie 'Making Papers' music video Making Papers (2013)
DJ Chuckie
Director: Larenz Tate
Chris Brown 'Love More' music video Love More (2013)
Chris Brown
Director: Chris Brown
Just Blaze & Baauer 'Higher' music video Higher (2013)
Just Blaze & Baauer
Director: Nabil
Krewella 'Live for the Night' music video Live for the Night (2013)
Directors: Alex Topaller, Daniel Shapiro
Jay Sean 'Mars' music video Mars (2013)
Jay Sean
Director: Parris
Keith Urban 'Little Bit Of Everything' music video Little Bit Of Everything (2013)
Keith Urban
Director: Isaac Ravishankara
Demi Lovato 'Made in the USA' music video Made in the USA (2013)
Demi Lovato
Directors: Demi Lovato, Ryan Pallotta
Sky Blu 'Salud' music video Salud (2013)
Sky Blu
Director: Wilmer Valderrama
Lil Wayne 'God Bless Amerika' music video God Bless Amerika (2013)
Lil Wayne
Director: Eif Rivera
Chris Brown 'Don't Think They Know' music video Don't Think They Know (2013)
Chris Brown
Director: Chris Brown
Foals 'Bad Habit' music video Bad Habit (2013)
Director: Nabil
Poliça 'Tiff' music video Tiff (2013)
Directors: Nabil, Mike Piscitelli
U.G.L.Y. 'REDD' music video REDD (2013)
Director: Chris Brown
Note: at Riveting Post
Kelly Clarkson 'People Like Us' music video People Like Us (2013)
Kelly Clarkson
Director: Chris Marrs Piliero
James Blake 'Overgrown' music video Overgrown (2013)
James Blake
Director: Nabil
Chris Brown 'Fine China' music video Fine China (2013)
Chris Brown
Co-Director: Chris Brown
Director: Sylvain White
Lil Wayne 'Rich As Fuck' music video Rich As Fuck (2013)
Lil Wayne
Director: Parris
Mack Maine 'Celebrate' music video Celebrate (2013)
Mack Maine
Director: Parris
Cher Lloyd 'With Ur Love' music video With Ur Love (2013)
Cher Lloyd
Director: Hannah Lux Davis
Tyga 'Dope' music video Dope (2013)
Director: Colin Tilley
Sevyn Streeter 'I Like It' music video I Like It (2013)
Sevyn Streeter
Director: Parris
MKTO 'Thank You' music video Thank You (2013)
Director: Chris Marrs Piliero
Melanie Fiona 'Wrong Side of a Love Song' music video Wrong Side of a Love Song (2013)
Melanie Fiona
Director: Larenz Tate
LL Cool J 'Take It' music video Take It (2012)
LL Cool J
Director: Paris Barclay
Nicki Minaj 'The Boys' music video The Boys (2012)
Nicki Minaj
Director: Colin Tilley
Tyga 'Do My Dance' music video Do My Dance (2012)
Director: Colin Tilley
Chris Brown 'Don't Judge Me' music video Don't Judge Me (2012)
Chris Brown
Director: Colin Tilley
Co-Director: Chris Brown
Chris Brown 'Sweet Love' music video Sweet Love (2012)
Chris Brown
Directors: Chris Brown, Godfrey Taberez
DJ Khaled 'Take It To The Head' music video Take It To The Head (2012)
DJ Khaled
Director: Colin Tilley
Chris Brown 'Turn Up The Music' music video Turn Up The Music (2012)
Chris Brown
Directors: Godfrey Taberez, Chris Brown
Justin Bieber 'Boyfriend' music video Boyfriend (2012)
Justin Bieber
Director: Director X
Mary J. Blige 'Why?' music video Why? (2012)
Mary J. Blige
Director: Colin Tilley
Tyga 'Faded' music video Faded (2012)
Director: Colin Tilley
Chris Brown 'Next To You' music video Next To You (2011)
Chris Brown
Director: Colin Tilley
Benny Benassi 'Spaceship' music video Spaceship (2010)
Benny Benassi
Director: Ray Kay
Sean Kingston 'Eenie Meenie' music video Eenie Meenie (2010)
Sean Kingston
Director: Ray Kay

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