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Metric 'Doomscroller' music video Doomscroller (2022) Director: Justin Broadbent
Metric 'The Shade' music video The Shade (2015) Director: Lauren Graham
Metric 'Cascades' music video Cascades (2015)
Metric 'Lost Kitten' music video Lost Kitten (2013) Director: Sammy Rawal
Production Company: Believe Media
Metric 'Synthetica' music video Synthetica (2013) Director: Justin Broadbent
Metric 'Breathing Underwater' music video Breathing Underwater (2012) Director: Lauren Graham
Production Company: Parce Que Films
Metric 'Youth Without Youth' music video Youth Without Youth (2012) Director: Justin Broadbent
Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment
Metric 'Expecting To Fly' music video Expecting To Fly (2011) Director: Christopher Mills
Metric 'All Yours' music video All Yours (2010) Director: Brantley Gutierrez
Production Company: Insider Films
Metric 'Black Sheep' music video Black Sheep (2010)
Metric 'Gold Guns Girls' music video Gold Guns Girls (2010) Directors: Metric, Eady Brothers
Metric 'Stadium Love' music video Stadium Love (2010) Directors: Robby Starbuck, Frank Borin
Production Company: Vision Entertainment
Metric 'Collect Call' music video Collect Call (2010) Director: Christopher Mills
Metric 'Help, I'm Alive' music video Help, I'm Alive (2009) Director: Deco Dawson
Metric 'Gimme Sympathy' music video Gimme Sympathy (2009) Director: Frank Borin
Production Company: Vision Film
Metric 'Sick Muse' music video Sick Muse (2009) Directors: Justin Broadbent, Michael Leach
Metric 'Empty' music video Empty (2007) Director: Jaron Albertin
Metric 'Poster of a Girl' music video Poster of a Girl (2006) Production Company: Revolver Films
Director: Micah Meisner
Metric 'Monster Hospital' music video Monster Hospital (2005) Production Company: Revolver Films
Director: Micah Meisner
Metric 'Dead Disco' music video Dead Disco (2004) Director: Chris Grismer
Metric 'The List' music video The List (2004) Director: Chris Grismer
Metric 'Calculation Theme' music video Calculation Theme (2004) Director: Ramon Bloomberg
Metric 'Succexy' music video Succexy (2003) Director: Ashley Cahill
Metric 'Combat Baby' music video Combat Baby (2003) Director: Michael Schiller
Metric 'I.O.U.' music video I.O.U. (2003)

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