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Metronomy 'Things will be fine' music video Things will be fine (2022) Directors: Juliet Casella, Thibaut Caesar
Production Company: Ground Work
Metronomy 'Picking Up For You' music video Picking Up For You (2021) Director: Nuno Costa
Metronomy 'Whitsand Bay' music video Whitsand Bay (2020) Director: Sam Davis
Metronomy 'Wedding Bells' music video Wedding Bells (2019) Director: Dan Brereton
Metronomy 'Walking In The Dark' music video Walking In The Dark (2019) Director: Joseph Mount
Metronomy 'Hang Me Out to Dry' music video Hang Me Out to Dry (2016) Director: Dent de Cuir
Metronomy 'Night Owl' music video Night Owl (2016) Director: Quentin Dupieux
Production Companies: Noodles (7), Rivieras
Metronomy 'Old Skool' music video Old Skool (2016) Director: Dawn Shadforth
Metronomy 'Boy Racers' music video Boy Racers (2015) Director: David Wilson
Metronomy 'The Upsetter' music video The Upsetter (2014) Director: Daren Rabinovitch
Metronomy 'Month Of Sundays' music video Month Of Sundays (2014) Production Company: Good Egg
Director: Callum Cooper
Metronomy 'Reservoir' music video Reservoir (2014) Director: Daniel Brereton
Production Company: Forever Pictures
Metronomy 'Love Letters' music video Love Letters (2014) Director: Michel Gondry
Production Company: Partizan
Metronomy 'I'm Aquarius' music video I'm Aquarius (2013) Production Companies: Somesuch & Co, The Creators Project
Director: Edouard Salier
Metronomy 'Hypnose' music video Hypnose (2012) Director: Daniel Brereton
Metronomy 'Everything Goes My Way' music video Everything Goes My Way (2011) Director: Alexander Orlando Smith
Metronomy 'The Look' music video The Look (2011) Director: Lorenzo Fonda
Metronomy 'Holiday' music video Holiday (2011)
Metronomy 'My Heart Rate Rapid' music video My Heart Rate Rapid (2011)
Metronomy 'You Could Easily Have Me' music video You Could Easily Have Me (2011)
Metronomy 'Radio Ladio' music video Radio Ladio (2011)
Metronomy 'The Bay' music video The Bay (2011) Director: David Wilson
Production Company: Colonel Blimp
Metronomy 'She Wants' music video She Wants (2011) Production Company: Solab
Directors: Julien Lassort, MAT
Metronomy 'Heartbreaker' music video Heartbreaker (2008) Director: Daniel Brereton
Metronomy 'A Thing For Me' music video A Thing For Me (2008) Director: Megaforce

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