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Mike Shinoda 'In My Head' music video In My Head (2023) Director: Jacky Lu
Mike Shinoda 'Happy Endings' music video Happy Endings (2021) Director: Pix3lface
Mike Shinoda 'fine' music video fine (2019) Directors: Egor Baranov, Dmitri Komm
Mike Shinoda 'World's On Fire' music video World's On Fire (2019) Directors: Mike Shinoda, Juan M. Urbina
Production Company: Venturia Animation
Mike Shinoda 'Make It Up As I Go' music video Make It Up As I Go (2018) Director: Antoni Sendra PODENCO
Mike Shinoda 'Brooding' music video Brooding (2018) Directors: Rob Daly, Mark Fiore
Mike Shinoda 'Running From My Shadow' music video Running From My Shadow (2018) Director: Gus Black
Mike Shinoda 'Crossing A Line' music video Crossing A Line (2018) Director: Aaron Farley
Mike Shinoda 'Place To Start' music video Place To Start (2018) Director: Mike Shinoda
Mike Shinoda 'Over Again' music video Over Again (2018) Director: Mike Shinoda
Mike Shinoda 'Watching As I Fall' music video Watching As I Fall (2018) Director: Mike Shinoda

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