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ONR 'Sober' music video Sober (2020)
Director: Omar Al-Zidjali
Patrick Droney 'The Wire' music video The Wire (2020)
Patrick Droney
Director: Aaron Hymes
Gallant 'Sweet Insomnia' music video Sweet Insomnia (2020)
Director: Cameron Dean
Production Company: T&Shay
Green Day 'Meet Me On The Roof' music video Meet Me On The Roof (2020)
Green Day
Directors: Brendan Walter, Greg Yagolnitzer
Production Company: French Productions
KHUSHI 'Coldhearted, Lately' music video Coldhearted, Lately (2020)
Disturbed 'Hold on to Memories' music video Hold on to Memories (2020)
Director: Matt Mahurin
Goo Goo Dolls 'Lost' music video Lost (2020)
Goo Goo Dolls
Director: Joelle Grace Taylor
Green Day 'Oh Yeah' music video Oh Yeah (2020)
Green Day
Director: Malia James
Production Company: FREENJOY INC
Mac Miller 'Good News' music video Good News (2020)
Mac Miller
Directors: Anthony Gaddis, Eric Tilford
Production Company: Language Media
KHUSHI 'Like A City' music video Like A City (2019)
Director: Erik Rojas
PVRIS 'Old Wounds' music video Old Wounds (2019)
Director: YHELLOW
Mike Shinoda 'fine' music video fine (2019)
Mike Shinoda
Directors: Egor Baranov, Dmitri Komm
Shawn Wasabi 'Snack' music video Snack (2019)
Shawn Wasabi
Director: Tony Kim
Michael Bublé 'White Christmas' music video White Christmas (2019)
Michael Bublé
Director: Lior Molcho
Production Company: Neon Cat Productions
The Head And The Heart 'See You Through My Eyes' music video See You Through My Eyes (2019)
The Head And The Heart
Director: Tamar Levine
Sub Urban 'Cradles' music video Cradles (2019)
Sub Urban
Director: Andrew Donoho
Production Company: Huffman Creative
Foals 'Into The Surf' music video Into The Surf (2019)
Director: Steve Warne
Foals 'The Runner' music video The Runner (2019)
Director: Quentin Deronzier
Production Company: LA PAC
Cavetown 'Telescope' music video Telescope (2019)
Director: Moon
Lukas Graham 'Lie' music video Lie (2019)
Lukas Graham
Director: Gus Black
Production Company: AGP Films
Wens 'Cinderella' music video Cinderella (2019)
Director: Natalie Fält
Production Company: Teenager
Gary Clark Jr. 'Pearl Cadillac' music video Pearl Cadillac (2019)
Gary Clark Jr.
Director: Clément Oberto
Green Day 'Father of All...' music video Father of All... (2019)
Green Day
Director: Hella Mega Unicorn
Mike Shinoda 'World's On Fire' music video World's On Fire (2019)
Mike Shinoda
Directors: Mike Shinoda, Juan M. Urbina
Production Company: Venturia Animation
Tegan and Sara 'I'll Be Back Someday' music video I'll Be Back Someday (2019)
Tegan and Sara
Director: Natalie Fält
PVRIS 'Hallucinations' music video Hallucinations (2019)
Director: YHELLOW
Hobo Johnson 'Uglykid' music video Uglykid (2019)
Hobo Johnson
Director: Taylor Fauntleroy
Goo Goo Dolls 'Miracle Pill' music video Miracle Pill (2019)
Goo Goo Dolls
Directors: Ed Gregory, Dan Cooper
PVRIS 'Death of Me' music video Death of Me (2019)
Director: Katharine White
Gallant 'Sharpest Edges' music video Sharpest Edges (2019)
Director: Bennett Johnson
Production Companies: dreambear, Teenager
Hobo Johnson 'Typical Story' music video Typical Story (2019)
Hobo Johnson
Director: Dan Opsal
Production Company: Hungry Man
Gary Clark Jr. 'Got To Get Up' music video Got To Get Up (2019)
Gary Clark Jr.
Directors: Manu Viqueira, Laprisamata
The Regrettes 'I Dare You' music video I Dare You (2019)
The Regrettes
Director: WATTS
Patrick Droney 'Stand and Deliver' music video Stand and Deliver (2019)
Patrick Droney
Director: Noble Jones
Production Company: Unicorns & Unicorns

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