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Anitta 'Me Gusta' music video Me Gusta (2020)
Director: Daniel Russell
Production Company: FREENJOY INC
Dua Lipa 'Levitating' music video Levitating (2020)
Dua Lipa
Director: Will Hooper
Production Company: Blink
Charli XCX 'claws' music video claws (2020)
Charli XCX
Director: Charlotte Rutherford
PVRIS 'Gimme a Minute' music video Gimme a Minute (2020)
Director: Lorenzo Diego Carrera
Production Company: YHELLOW
JoJo 'Man' music video Man (2020)
Foals 'Like Lightning' music video Like Lightning (2019)
Director: Virginie Kypriotis
Production Company: Code
The Black Keys 'Go' music video Go (2019)
The Black Keys
Director: Bryan Schlam
Carlie Hanson 'Back In My Arms' music video Back In My Arms (2019)
Carlie Hanson
Director: Danilo Parra
Production Company: Riff Raff Films
RÜFÜS DU SOL 'Treat You Better' music video Treat You Better (2019)
Gary Clark Jr. 'What About Us' music video What About Us (2019)
Gary Clark Jr.
Director: Savanah Leaf
Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment
Gary Clark Jr. 'This Land' music video This Land (2019)
Gary Clark Jr.
Director: Savanah Leaf
Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment
Lil Pump 'Butterfly Doors' music video Butterfly Doors (2019)
Lil Pump
Director: Ben Griffin
XXXTentacion 'Arms Around You' music video Arms Around You (2018)
Director: James Larese
Production Company: Trigger & Bloom
Michael Bublé 'Love You Anymore' music video Love You Anymore (2018)
Michael Bublé
Director: Ben Mor
Production Company: Pulse Films
Lukas Graham 'Not A Damn Thing Changed' music video Not A Damn Thing Changed (2018)
Lukas Graham
Director: René Sascha Johannsen
Hobo Johnson 'Father' music video Father (2018)
Hobo Johnson
Director: Claire Marie Vogel
Mike Shinoda 'Make It Up As I Go' music video Make It Up As I Go (2018)
Mike Shinoda
Director: Antoni Sendra PODENCO
Lukas Graham 'Love Someone' music video Love Someone (2018)
Lukas Graham
Director: P.R. Brown
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers 'Keep A Little Soul' music video Keep A Little Soul (2018)
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers
Director: Biff Butler
Lil Pump 'Drug Addict' music video Drug Addict (2018)
Lil Pump
Director: Hannah Lux Davis
Houndmouth 'This Party' music video This Party (2018)
Director: Kris Merc
Twin Shadow 'Saturdays' music video Saturdays (2018)
Twin Shadow
Directors: Twin Shadow, Aaron Hymes
Mike Shinoda 'Running From My Shadow' music video Running From My Shadow (2018)
Mike Shinoda
Director: Gus Black
Lil Pump 'ESSKEETIT' music video ESSKEETIT (2018)
Lil Pump
Director: Ben Griffin
Mike Shinoda 'Crossing A Line' music video Crossing A Line (2018)
Mike Shinoda
Director: Aaron Farley
Echosmith 'Over My Head' music video Over My Head (2018)
Director: Sophie Muller
Production Company: Wondros
Family of the Year 'Hold Me Down' music video Hold Me Down (2018)
Family of the Year
Director: Gus Black
The Regrettes 'Come Through' music video Come Through (2018)
The Regrettes
Director: Claire Marie Vogel
Production Company: Commondeer Films
Mike Shinoda 'Place To Start' music video Place To Start (2018)
Mike Shinoda
Director: Mike Shinoda
Mike Shinoda 'Watching As I Fall' music video Watching As I Fall (2018)
Mike Shinoda
Director: Mike Shinoda
Mike Shinoda 'Over Again' music video Over Again (2018)
Mike Shinoda
Director: Mike Shinoda
Mystery Skulls 'Endlessly' music video Endlessly (2017)
Mystery Skulls
Director: Double Ninja
Production Company: Agence Cumulus
Sheryl Crow 'The Dreaming Kind' music video The Dreaming Kind (2017)
Sheryl Crow
Director: Gus Black
Jason Derulo 'Tip Toe' music video Tip Toe (2017)
Jason Derulo
Directors: Jason Derulo, Jeremy Strong
Dua Lipa 'Room for 2' music video Room for 2 (2016)
Dua Lipa
Director: Vicky Lawton
Production Company: Rankin Film

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