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Gary Clark Jr. 'This Land' music video This Land (2019)
Gary Clark Jr.
Director: Savanah Leaf
Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment
Lil Pump 'Butterfly Doors' music video Butterfly Doors (2019)
Lil Pump
Director: Ben Griffin
XXXTentacion 'Arms Around You' music video Arms Around You (2018)
Director: James Larese
Production Company: Trigger & Bloom
Michael Bublé 'Love You Anymore' music video Love You Anymore (2018)
Michael Bublé
Director: Ben Mor
Production Company: Pulse Films
Lukas Graham 'Not A Damn Thing Changed' music video Not A Damn Thing Changed (2018)
Lukas Graham
Director: René Sascha Johannsen
Hobo Johnson 'Father' music video Father (2018)
Hobo Johnson
Director: Claire Marie Vogel
Mike Shinoda 'Make It Up As I Go' music video Make It Up As I Go (2018)
Mike Shinoda
Director: Antoni Sendra PODENCO
Lukas Graham 'Love Someone' music video Love Someone (2018)
Lukas Graham
Director: P.R. Brown
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers 'Keep A Little Soul' music video Keep A Little Soul (2018)
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers
Director: Biff Butler
Lil Pump 'Drug Addict' music video Drug Addict (2018)
Lil Pump
Director: Hannah Lux Davis
Houndmouth 'This Party' music video This Party (2018)
Director: Kris Merc
Twin Shadow 'Saturdays' music video Saturdays (2018)
Twin Shadow
Directors: Twin Shadow, Aaron Hymes
Mike Shinoda 'Running From My Shadow' music video Running From My Shadow (2018)
Mike Shinoda
Director: Gus Black
Lil Pump 'ESSKEETIT' music video ESSKEETIT (2018)
Lil Pump
Director: Ben Griffin
Mike Shinoda 'Crossing A Line' music video Crossing A Line (2018)
Mike Shinoda
Director: Aaron Farley
Echosmith 'Over My Head' music video Over My Head (2018)
Director: Sophie Muller
Production Company: Wondros
Family of the Year 'Hold Me Down' music video Hold Me Down (2018)
Family of the Year
Director: Gus Black
The Regrettes 'Come Through' music video Come Through (2018)
The Regrettes
Director: Claire Marie Vogel
Production Company: Commondeer Films
Mike Shinoda 'Watching As I Fall' music video Watching As I Fall (2018)
Mike Shinoda
Director: Mike Shinoda
Mike Shinoda 'Over Again' music video Over Again (2018)
Mike Shinoda
Director: Mike Shinoda
Mike Shinoda 'Place To Start' music video Place To Start (2018)
Mike Shinoda
Director: Mike Shinoda
Mystery Skulls 'Endlessly' music video Endlessly (2017)
Mystery Skulls
Director: Double Ninja
Production Company: Agence Cumulus
Sheryl Crow 'The Dreaming Kind' music video The Dreaming Kind (2017)
Sheryl Crow
Director: Gus Black
Jason Derulo 'Tip Toe' music video Tip Toe (2017)
Jason Derulo
Directors: Jason Derulo, Jeremy Strong
Dua Lipa 'Room for 2' music video Room for 2 (2016)
Dua Lipa
Director: Vicky Lawton
Production Company: Rankin Film

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