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Mitski 'Stay Soft' music video Stay Soft (2022) Director: Maegan Houang
Mitski 'Love Me More' music video Love Me More (2022) Director: Christopher Good
Mitski 'The Only Heartbreaker' music video The Only Heartbreaker (2021) Directors: Maegan Houang, Jeff Desom
Production Company: Obsidian
Mitski 'Working for the Knife' music video Working for the Knife (2021) Director: Zia Anger
Production Company: Portal
Mitski 'A Pearl' music video A Pearl (2019) Directors: Saad Moosajee, Art Camp
Co-Director: Danae Gosset
Mitski 'Washing Machine Heart' music video Washing Machine Heart (2018) Director: Zia Anger
Production Company: Pulse Films
Mitski 'Nobody' music video Nobody (2018) Director: Christopher Good
Mitski 'Geyser' music video Geyser (2018) Director: Zia Anger
Production Company: Pulse Films
Mitski 'A Burning Hill' music video A Burning Hill (2016) Directors: Bradley Rust Gray, So Yong Kim
Mitski 'Happy' music video Happy (2016) Director: Maegan Houang
Mitski 'Your Best American Girl' music video Your Best American Girl (2016) Director: Zia Anger
Mitski 'Townie' music video Townie (2015) Director: Faye Orlove

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