Morgan (2)

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Member of: Bluvertigo



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Il mio mondo (2009) Director: Felice Limosani
Production Company: Just Cavalli
Morgan (2) 'Amore assurdo' music video Amore assurdo (2009) Director: Francesco Fei
Morgan (2) 'Contro me stesso' music video Contro me stesso (2008) Director: Marco Castoldi
Morgan (2) 'Tra 5 min.' music video Tra 5 min. (2007) Directors: Marco Castoldi, Riccardo Struchil
Morgan (2) 'The Baby' music video The Baby (2003) Production Company: MO Vi DA Entertainment
Director: Riccardo Struchil
Morgan (2) 'Canzone per Natale' music video Canzone per Natale (2003) Director: Laura Chiossone
Morgan (2) 'Altrove' music video Altrove (2003) Director: Vittorio Badini Confalonieri
Production Company: MO Vi DA Entertainment

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