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Nas 'Cops Shot The Kid' music video Cops Shot The Kid (2019)
Nas 'Cherry Wine' music video Cherry Wine (2012) Director: Jay Martin
Production Company: Artists and Derelicts
Nas 'Bye Baby' music video Bye Baby (2012) Director: Aristotle
Nas 'The Don' music video The Don (2012) Director: Aristotle
Nas 'Daughters' music video Daughters (2012) Director: Chris Robinson
Nas 'Nasty' music video Nasty (2011) Director: Jason Goldwatch
Nas 'Make The World Go Round' music video Make The World Go Round (2008)
Nas 'Be A Nigger Too' music video Be A Nigger Too (2008) Director: Rik Cordero
Production Company: Three/21 Media
Nas 'Hero' music video Hero (2008)
Nas 'Surviving The Times' music video Surviving The Times (2007)
Nas 'Hip Hop Is Dead' music video Hip Hop Is Dead (2006)
Nas 'I Can' music video I Can (2003) Director: Chris Robinson
Nas 'Got Ur Self A...' music video Got Ur Self A... (2002) Director: Benny Boom
Nas 'One Mic' music video One Mic (2002) Director: Chris Robinson
Nas 'You Owe Me' music video You Owe Me (2000) Director: Dave Meyers
Nas 'Hate Me Now' music video Hate Me Now (1999) Director: Hype Williams
Nas 'Nastradamus' music video Nastradamus (1999) Director: Jeff Byrd
Nas 'Nas Is Like' music video Nas Is Like (1999) Director: Nick Quested
Nas 'Affirmative Action - Saint Denis Style' music video Affirmative Action - Saint Denis Style (1997) Director: Nick Quested
Nas 'Street Dreams' music video Street Dreams (1996) Director: Hype Williams
Nas 'If I Ruled The World (imagine that)' music video If I Ruled The World (imagine that) (1996) Director: Hype Williams
Nas 'The World Is Yours' music video The World Is Yours (1994) Director: Josh Taft
Nas 'The World Is Yours (Remix)' music video The World Is Yours (Remix) (1994) Director: Josh Taft
Nas 'One Love' music video One Love (1994) Director: Fab 5 Freddy
Nas 'Halftime' music video Halftime (1992)

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