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Members: Hayley Wiliams



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Paramore 'Running Out of Time' music video Running Out of Time (2023) Director: Ivanna Borin
Production Company: UnderWonder Content
Paramore 'The News' music video The News (2022) Directors: Mike Kluge, Matthew Delisi
Paramore 'This Is Why' music video This Is Why (2022) Director: Brendan Yates
Production Company: Vizionary
Paramore 'Rose-Colored Boy' music video Rose-Colored Boy (2018) Director: Warren Fu
Paramore 'Fake Happy' music video Fake Happy (2017) Director: Zac Farro
Paramore 'Told You So' music video Told You So (2017) Directors: Zac Farro, Aaron Joseph
Paramore 'Hard Times' music video Hard Times (2017) Director: Andrew Joffe
Paramore 'Hate To See Your Heart Break' music video Hate To See Your Heart Break (2014) Director: Chuck David Willis
Paramore 'Ain't It Fun' music video Ain't It Fun (2014) Director: Sophia Peer
Production Company: Coco Collective
Paramore 'Anklebiters' music video Anklebiters (2013) Director: Jordan Bruner
Paramore 'Still Into You' music video Still Into You (2013) Director: Isaac Rentz
Paramore 'Now' music video Now (2013) Director: Daniel "Cloud" Campos
Paramore 'Daydreaming' music video Daydreaming (2013) Director: Julian Acosta
Paramore 'Monster' music video Monster (2011) Director: Shane Drake
Paramore 'Playing God' music video Playing God (2010) Director: Brandon Chesbro
Paramore 'Careful' music video Careful (2010) Director: Brandon Chesbro
Paramore 'Only Exception' music video Only Exception (2010) Director: Brandon Chesbro
Paramore 'Brick By Boring Brick' music video Brick By Boring Brick (2009) Director: Meiert Avis
Production Company: Pusher Media
Paramore 'Ignorance' music video Ignorance (2009) Director: Honey
Production Company: Partizan
Paramore 'That's What You Get' music video That's What You Get (2008) Director: Marcos Siega
Paramore 'Decode' music video Decode (2008) Director: Shane Drake
Paramore 'CrushCrushCrush' music video CrushCrushCrush (2007) Director: Shane Drake
Production Company: Red Van Pictures
Paramore 'Hallelujah' music video Hallelujah (2007) Director: Big TV!
Paramore 'Misery Business' music video Misery Business (2007) Director: Shane Drake
Production Company: Red Van Pictures
Paramore 'All We Know' music video All We Know (2006) Director: Dan Dobi
Paramore 'Emergency' music video Emergency (2005) Director: Shane Drake
Paramore 'Pressure' music video Pressure (2005) Director: Shane Drake

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