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Slipknot 'Killpop' music video Killpop (2015) Director: Shawn Crahan
Slipknot 'The Devil In I' music video The Devil In I (2014) Director: Shawn Crahan
Slipknot 'The Negative One' music video The Negative One (2014) Directors: Shawn Crahan, Darren Craig
Production Company: The Uprising Creative
Slipknot 'Sulfur' music video Sulfur (2009) Directors: P.R. Brown, Shawn Crahan
Slipknot 'Snuff' music video Snuff (2009) Directors: Shawn Crahan, P.R. Brown
Rock Am Ring (2009)
Slipknot 'Psychosocial' music video Psychosocial (2008) Director: P.R. Brown
Slipknot 'Dead Memories' music video Dead Memories (2008) Directors: P.R. Brown, Shawn Crahan
Slipknot 'The Blister Exists' music video The Blister Exists (2007) Director: Shawn Crahan
Slipknot 'Before I Forget' music video Before I Forget (2005) Director: Tony Petrossian
Slipknot 'The Nameless' music video The Nameless (2005) Director: Shawn Crahan
Slipknot 'Duality' music video Duality (2004) Directors: Tony Petrossian, Shawn Crahan
Slipknot 'Vermillion Pt. 2' music video Vermillion Pt. 2 (2004) Director: Marc Klasfeld
Production Company: Rockhard
Slipknot 'Vermillion' music video Vermillion (2004) Director: Tony Petrossian
Production Company: Rockhard
Slipknot 'My Plague' music video My Plague (2002) Directors: Matthew Amos, Simon Hilton
Slipknot 'Left Behind' music video Left Behind (2001) Director: Dave Meyers
Production Company: FM Rocks
Slipknot 'Spit It Out' music video Spit It Out (2000) Director: Thomas Mignone
Slipknot 'Wait And Bleed' music video Wait And Bleed (2000) Director: Marc Smerling
Slipknot 'Wait And Bleed' music video Wait And Bleed (2000) Director: Thomas Mignone
Slipknot 'Surfacing' music video Surfacing (1999) Director: Thomas Mignone
Production Company: Doom, Inc.
Slipknot 'Scissors' music video Scissors (1999)

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