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Stereophonics 'C’est la vie' music video C’est la vie (2015) Director: Kelly Jones (5)
Stereophonics 'Graffiti On The Train' music video Graffiti On The Train (2013)
Stereophonics 'Violins & Tambourines' music video Violins & Tambourines (2012) Director: Kelly Jones (5)
Production Company: Agile Films
Stereophonics 'Rewind' music video Rewind (2005) Director: Charles Mehling
Stereophonics 'Devil' music video Devil (2005) Director: Charles Mehling
Stereophonics 'Superman' music video Superman (2005) Director: Charles Mehling
Production Company: Streetgang Films
Stereophonics 'Dakota' music video Dakota (2005) Director: Charles Mehling
Production Company: Refused TV
Stereophonics 'Maybe Tomorrow' music video Maybe Tomorrow (2003) Director: W.I.Z.
Production Company: Oil Factory Inc.
Stereophonics 'Madame Helga' music video Madame Helga (2003) Director: Robert Hales
Production Company: Serious Pictures
Stereophonics 'Since I Told You It's Over' music video Since I Told You It's Over (2003) Director: Ben Unwin
Stereophonics 'Don't Let Me Down' music video Don't Let Me Down (2002) Director: James Frost
Production Company: Rock Fight
Stereophonics 'Handbags and Gladrags' music video Handbags and Gladrags (2001) Director: Ben Unwin
Production Company: Film Partners
Stereophonics 'Have A Nice Day' music video Have A Nice Day (2001) Director: Mike Lipscombe
Stereophonics 'Pick A Part That's New' music video Pick A Part That's New (1999) Director: Pinko
Stereophonics 'Just Looking' music video Just Looking (1999) Director: Pinko
Stereophonics 'The Bartender And The Thief' music video The Bartender And The Thief (1998) Director: Pinko
Stereophonics 'Local Boy In The Photograph' music video Local Boy In The Photograph (1997) Directors: Duncan Telford, Pinko
Stereophonics 'Mr. Writer' music video Mr. Writer Director: David Slade

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