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The Kooks 'Be Who You Are' music video Be Who You Are (2017)
The Kooks 'See Me Now' music video See Me Now (2014) Director: Lucy Paul
The Kooks 'Bad Habit' music video Bad Habit (2014) Director: TJ Andrade
The Kooks 'Forgive & Forget' music video Forgive & Forget (2014) Director: Ivana Bobic
Production Company: Able&Baker
The Kooks 'Around Town' music video Around Town (2014) Director: Ryan Hope
The Kooks 'Down' music video Down (2014) Director: Davis Silis
Production Company: Bullion Productions
The Kooks 'How'd You Like That' music video How'd You Like That (2012)
The Kooks 'Rosie' music video Rosie (2012) Director: Tom Beard
The Kooks 'Is It Me' music video Is It Me (2011)
The Kooks 'Junk Of The Heart (Happy)' music video Junk Of The Heart (Happy) (2011) Director: Warren Fu
Production Company: Partizan
The Kooks 'Always Where I Need To Be' music video Always Where I Need To Be (2008) Director: The Malloys
Production Company: HSI Productions
The Kooks 'Sway' music video Sway (2008)
The Kooks 'She Moves In Her Own Way' music video She Moves In Her Own Way (2006) Director: Diane Martel
Production Company: DNA, Inc.
The Kooks 'Naive' music video Naive (2006) Director: Nick Gordon
Production Company: Academy Films
The Kooks 'Ooh La' music video Ooh La (2006) Director: Charles Mehling
Production Company: Streetgang Films
The Kooks 'Sofa Song' music video Sofa Song (2005) Director: Marco Sandeman
The Kooks 'Eddie's Gun' music video Eddie's Gun (2005) Director: Marco Sandeman
The Kooks 'You Don't Love Me' music video You Don't Love Me (2005) Director: Mark Szaszy
Production Company: Ice Films

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