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Tory Lanez 'Feels' music video Feels (2021) Director: Christian Breslauer
Tory Lanez 'LUV' music video LUV (2016) Director: Zac Facts
Production Company: Mad Ruk Entertainment
Tory Lanez 'LA Confidential' music video LA Confidential (2016) Directors: Zac Facts, Tory Lanez
Production Company: One Umbrella Productions
Tory Lanez 'B.L.O.W.' music video B.L.O.W. (2015)
Tory Lanez 'Say It' music video Say It (2015)
Tory Lanez 'The Godfather' music video The Godfather (2014) Director: Andrew Hines
Tory Lanez 'Know What’s Up' music video Know What’s Up (2013) Director: Tyler Yee

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