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Justin Timberlake 'Suit & Tie' music video Suit & Tie (2013)
Justin Timberlake
Director: David Fincher
Production Company: Reset
Black Eyed Peas 'Meet Me Halfway' music video Meet Me Halfway (2009)
Black Eyed Peas
Director: Ben Mor
Production Companies: Little Minx, Black Dog Films
Pink 'Sober' music video Sober (2008)
Director: Jonas Åkerlund
Pink 'So What' music video So What (2008)
Director: Dave Meyers
Michelle Branch 'Goodbye to You' music video Goodbye to You (2006)
Michelle Branch
Director: Francis Lawrence
Ricky Martin 'It's Alright' music video It's Alright (2005)
Ricky Martin
Director: Simon Brand
Dirty Laundry (2005)
Lisa Marie Presley
Director: Patrick Hoelck
John Mellencamp 'Walk Tall' music video Walk Tall (2004)
John Mellencamp
Director: Chris Milk
Production Company: @radical/music
The Vines 'Ride' music video Ride (2004)
The Vines
Directors: Michel Gondry, Olivier Gondry
Production Company: Partizan
Janet Jackson 'I Want You' music video I Want You (2004)
Janet Jackson
Director: Dave Meyers
Avril Lavigne 'Complicated' music video Complicated (2003)
Avril Lavigne
Director: The Malloys
Christina Aguilera 'Fighter' music video Fighter (2003)
Christina Aguilera
Director: Floria Sigismondi
Production Company: Revolver Films
Christina Aguilera 'The Voice Within' music video The Voice Within (2003)
Christina Aguilera
Director: David LaChapelle
Christina Aguilera 'Can't Hold Us Down' music video Can't Hold Us Down (2003)
Christina Aguilera
Director: David LaChapelle
Christina Aguilera 'Beautiful' music video Beautiful (2002)
Christina Aguilera
Director: Jonas Åkerlund
Christina Aguilera 'Dirrty' music video Dirrty (2002)
Christina Aguilera
Director: David LaChapelle
Santana 'The Game of Love' music video The Game of Love (2002)
Director: Paul Fedor
Production Company: Notorious 24:7
Ricky Martin 'Nobody Wants to Be Lonely' music video Nobody Wants to Be Lonely (2001)
Ricky Martin
Director: Wayne Isham
Pink 'Just Like A Pill' music video Just Like A Pill (2001)
Director: Francis Lawrence
Christina Aguilera 'Lady Marmalade' music video Lady Marmalade (2001)
Christina Aguilera
Director: Paul Hunter
Pink 'Family Portrait' music video Family Portrait (2001)
Director: Sophie Muller
Pink 'Don't Let Me Get Me' music video Don't Let Me Get Me (2001)
Director: Dave Meyers
Ricky Martin 'Loaded' music video Loaded (2001)
Ricky Martin
Director: Bob Giraldi
Christina Aguilera 'Come On Over (All I Want Is You)' music video Come On Over (All I Want Is You) (2000)
Christina Aguilera
Director: Paul Hunter
Cypress Hill '(Rap) Superstar' music video (Rap) Superstar (2000)
Cypress Hill
Director: Dean Karr
Production Company: A Band Apart

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