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Vic Mensa 'Rage' music video Rage (2017) Director: Andrew Donoho
Production Company: Diktator
Vic Mensa 'OMG' music video OMG (2017)
Vic Mensa '16 Shots' music video 16 Shots (2016) Director: Ace Norton
Vic Mensa 'There's Alot Going On' music video There's Alot Going On (2016) Directors: Jake Osmun, Vic Mensa
Vic Mensa 'U Mad' music video U Mad (2015) Director: Grant Singer
Production Company: Vision Film
Vic Mensa 'Feel That' music video Feel That (2014) Director: Calmatic
Production Company: Bigger Better Media
Vic Mensa 'Down On My Luck' music video Down On My Luck (2014) Director: Ben Dickinson
Vic Mensa 'YNSP' music video YNSP (2013) Director: Nem Perez
Vic Mensa 'Hollywood LA' music video Hollywood LA (2013) Director: Trevor Kane
Vic Mensa 'Orange Soda' music video Orange Soda (2013) Director: Verluxe
Vic Mensa 'DID IT B4' music video DID IT B4 (2013) Director: Austin Vesely

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