Björk 'I Miss You' Music Video

I Miss You (1997)
by Björk

  • Director: John Kricfalusi
  • Release Date: 1997
  • Status: Released
  • Copyright: Published by Universal Music Publishing Ltd/ Sony Music Publishing Ltd.



John Kricfalusi
Director of Photography
Tami Relker
Stephen Worth,  Producer
Nina Huang,  Producer - Live Action Producer
Video Commissioner
Paul McKee
Production Management
Don Watson,  Production Manager
Mary Ellen Thomas,  Production Coordinator
Erik Wiese,  1st Assistant Director
Bernadette Repasi,  Color Grade - Color Key Coordinator
Kim Radford,  Color Grade - Color Key Coordinator
Post-Production Department
Tell-A-Vision Productions,  Post Production
Visual Effects
Charlie Gibson,  Technical Supervisor - CGI Technical Director
Tell-A-Vision Productions,  Compositor
Aaron Springer,  Animator
Greg Manwaring,  Animator
Chris Souve,  Animator
Sanjay Patel,  Animator
Zeus Cervas,  Animator
Ben Jones,  Animator
Albert Lozano,  Additional Animator
Max Schneider,  Additional Animator


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  • Artist Name: Björk
  • Song Name: I Miss You

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