Music Videos Released in 1997 (897)

Jay Z '(Always Be My) Sunshine' music video

(Always Be My) Sunshine (1997)

Jay Z

Filter '(Can't You) Trip Like I Do' music video

(Can't You) Trip Like I Do (1997)


Blackstreet '(Money Can't) Buy Me Love' music video

(Money Can't) Buy Me Love (1997)


Bryan Adams '18 Til I Die' music video

18 Til I Die (1997)

Bryan Adams

Hooverphonic '2 Wicky' music video

2 Wicky (1997)


Matchbox Twenty '3 AM' music video

3 AM (1997)

Matchbox Twenty

Director: Gavin Bowden

Aaliyah '4 Page Letter' music video

4 Page Letter (1997)


Boyz II Men '4 Seasons Of Loneliness' music video

4 Seasons Of Loneliness (1997)

Boyz II Men

LL Cool J '4,3,2,1' music video

4,3,2,1 (1997)

LL Cool J

Kathy Mattea '455 Rocket' music video

455 Rocket (1997)

Kathy Mattea

Brownstone '5 Miles To Empty' music video

5 Miles To Empty (1997)


Steps '5, 6, 7, 8' music video

5, 6, 7, 8 (1997)


Sneaker Pimps '6 Underground' music video

6 Underground (1997)

Sneaker Pimps

Kent '747' music video

747 (1997)


Martina McBride 'A Broken Wing' music video

A Broken Wing (1997)

Martina McBride

Incubus 'A Certain Shade Of Green' music video

A Certain Shade Of Green (1997)


Sheryl Crow 'A Change Would Do You Good' music video

A Change Would Do You Good (Version 2) (1997)

Sheryl Crow

Five Iron Frenzy 'A Flowery Song' music video

A Flowery Song (1997)

Five Iron Frenzy

Ash 'A Life Less Ordinary' music video

A Life Less Ordinary (1997)


RuPaul 'A Little Bit of Love' music video

A Little Bit of Love (1997)


Brooks & Dunn 'A Man This Lonely' music video

A Man This Lonely (1997)

Brooks & Dunn

Govinda 'A Modern Mantra' music video

A Modern Mantra (1997)


Trisha Yearwood 'A Perfect Love' music video

A Perfect Love (1997)

Trisha Yearwood

Prefab Sprout 'A Prisoner Of The Past' music video

A Prisoner Of The Past (1997)

Prefab Sprout

Pet Shop Boys 'A red letter day' music video

A red letter day (1997)

Pet Shop Boys

Faith No More 'A Small Victory' music video

A Small Victory (1997)

Faith No More

Korn 'A.D.I.D.A.S.' music video

A.D.I.D.A.S. (1997)


Soon (6) 'Abitudini' music video

Abitudini (1997)


Silverchair 'Abuse Me' music video

Abuse Me (1997)


Sarah McLachlan 'Adia' music video

Adia (1997)

Sarah McLachlan

Tool 'Aenema' music video

Aenema (1997)


Nas 'Affirmative Action - Saint Denis Style' music video

Affirmative Action - Saint Denis Style (1997)


Teenage Fanclub 'Ain't That Enough' music video

Ain't That Enough (1997)

Teenage Fanclub

Terrorvision 'Alice, What's The Matter?' music video

Alice, What's The Matter? (1997)


Sister Hazel 'All for You' music video

All for You (1997)

Sister Hazel

Backstreet Boys 'All I Have To Give' music video

All I Have To Give (1997)

Backstreet Boys

The Offspring 'All I Want' music video

All I Want (1997)

The Offspring

Fenix TX 'All My Fault' music video

All My Fault (1997)

Fenix TX

Joe 'All That I Am' music video

All That I Am (1997)


Joe 'All The Things (Your Man Won't Do)' music video

All The Things (Your Man Won't Do) (1997)


Morrissey 'Alma Matters' music video

Alma Matters (1997)


Megadeth 'Almost Honest' music video

Almost Honest (1997)


Bee Gees 'Alone' music video

Alone (1997)

Bee Gees

Eros Ramazzotti 'Amarti E' L'Immenso Per Me' music video

Amarti E' L'Immenso Per Me (1997)

Eros Ramazzotti

Thalía 'Amor A La Mexicana' music video

Amor A La Mexicana (1997)