Jesse & Joy 'Me Voy' Music Video

Me Voy (2011)
by Jesse & Joy

Pop LatinoLatin Pop

Behind The Scenes


Carlos Lopez Estrada
Directors of Photography
Moonie - Animation
Nicholas Wiesnet
Production Company
London Alley Entertainment
Luga Podesta,  Executive Producer
Christian Heuer,  Producer
Production Management
Brittany N. Blaise,  Production Manager
Production Design
Tyler Jensen,  Production Designer
David Smith,  Design Supervisor
Makeup and Hair
Sameron Escobar,  Makeup
Costume and Wardrobe
Elise Velasco,  Stylist
Natasha Kutrovacz,  Wardrobe
Art Department
Andi Riveron,  Art Director
Cameron Clark,  Animation Director
Charlie Pieper,  Lead Animator
Jeremy Fischer,  Animator - Additional Animation
Kari Jo,  Animator - Additional Animation
Riley Gallagher,  Misc Crew - Set Magician
Justin Bell,  Misc Crew - Rig Construction


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