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a-ha 'I'm In' music video I'm In (2022)
a-ha 'Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)' music video Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah) (2010) Director: Steve Barron
a-ha 'Nothing Is Keeping You Here' music video Nothing Is Keeping You Here (2009) Director: Uwe Flade
a-ha 'Shadowside' music video Shadowside (2009) Director: Uwe Flade
a-ha 'Foot of the Mountain' music video Foot of the Mountain (2009) Director: Olaf Heine
a-ha 'Cosy Prisons' music video Cosy Prisons (2006) Director: Paul Gore
Production Company: Flynn Productions
a-ha 'Analogue (All I Want)' music video Analogue (All I Want) (2006) Director: Howard Greenhalgh
a-ha 'Celice' music video Celice (2005) Director: Jörn Heitmann
a-ha 'Did Anyone Approach You?' music video Did Anyone Approach You? (2003) Director: Lauren Savoy
a-ha 'Lifelines' music video Lifelines (2002) Director: Morten Skallerud
a-ha 'Forever Not Yours' music video Forever Not Yours (2002) Director: Harald Zwart
a-ha 'I Wish I Cared' music video I Wish I Cared (2000) Director: Henrik Haugen
a-ha 'Minor Earth Major Sky' music video Minor Earth Major Sky (2000) Director: Philipp Stölzl
Production Companies: DoRo Produktion, Dawson Productions
a-ha 'Summer Moved On' music video Summer Moved On (2000) Director: Adam Berg
a-ha 'Velvet' music video Velvet (2000) Director: Harald Zwart
a-ha 'Shapes That Go Together' music video Shapes That Go Together (1994) Director: Barry Maguire
a-ha 'Angel in the Snow' music video Angel in the Snow (1993) Director: Howard Greenhalgh
a-ha 'Dark Is the Night for All' music video Dark Is the Night for All (1993) Director: Erick Ifergan
a-ha 'Move to Memphis' music video Move to Memphis (1991) Director: Erick Ifergan
a-ha 'Early Morning' music video Early Morning (1991) Director: Michael Burlingame
a-ha 'I Call Your Name' music video I Call Your Name (1990) Director: Michael Burlingame
a-ha 'Crying in the Rain' music video Crying in the Rain (1990) Director: Steve Barron
a-ha 'There's Never a Forever Thing' music video There's Never a Forever Thing (1988) Director: Lauren Savoy
a-ha 'You Are The One' music video You Are The One (1988) Director: Damon Heath
a-ha 'Touchy!' music video Touchy! (1988) Director: Kevin Moloney
a-ha 'The Blood That Moves The Body' music video The Blood That Moves The Body (1988) Director: Andy Morahan
a-ha 'Stay On These Roads' music video Stay On These Roads (1988) Director: Andy Morahan
a-ha 'The Living Daylights' music video The Living Daylights (1987) Director: Steve Barron
a-ha 'Manhattan Skyline' music video Manhattan Skyline (1987) Director: Steve Barron
a-ha 'I've Been Losing You' music video I've Been Losing You (1986) Director: Steve Barron
a-ha 'Cry Wolf' music video Cry Wolf (1986) Director: Steve Barron
a-ha 'Hunting High and Low' music video Hunting High and Low (1986) Director: Steve Barron
a-ha 'Take On Me' music video Take On Me (1985) Director: Steve Barron
a-ha 'Train of Thought' music video Train of Thought (1985) Directors: Candace Reckinger, Michael Patterson
a-ha 'The Sun Always Shines on T.V.' music video The Sun Always Shines on T.V. (1985) Director: Steve Barron
a-ha 'Take On Me' music video Take On Me (1984)

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