Music Videos Released in 1985 (404)

Sandra '(I'll Never Be) Maria Magdalena' music video

(I'll Never Be) Maria Magdalena (1985)


Jermaine Jackson '(The Closest Thing To) Perfect' music video

(The Closest Thing To) Perfect (1985)

Jermaine Jackson

Indochine '3ème sexe' music video

3ème sexe (1985)


Prince '4 The Tears In Your Eyes' music video

4 The Tears In Your Eyes (1985)


Gowan 'A Criminal Mind' music video

A Criminal Mind (1985)


Duran Duran 'A View To A Kill' music video

A View To A Kill (1985)

Duran Duran

Kim Carnes 'Abadabadango' music video

Abadabadango (1985)

Kim Carnes

David Bowie 'Absolute Beginners' music video

Absolute Beginners (1985)

David Bowie

Alarm (3) 'Absolute Reality' music video

Absolute Reality (1985)


Elton John 'Act Of War' music video

Act Of War (1985)

Elton John

Roger Daltrey 'After the Fire' music video

After the Fire (1985)

Roger Daltrey

Legião Urbana 'Ainda É Cedo' music video

Ainda É Cedo (1985)

Legião Urbana

Full Force (3) 'Alice, I Want You Just for Me!' music video

Alice, I Want You Just for Me! (1985)

Full Force

Simple Minds 'Alive And Kicking' music video

Alive And Kicking (1985)

Simple Minds

Director: Zbigniew Rybczy?ski

The Outfield 'All The Love In The World' music video

All The Love In The World (1985)

The Outfield

Director: David Fincher

The Hooters 'All You Zombies' music video

All You Zombies (1985)

The Hooters

Dokken 'Alone Again' music video

Alone Again (1985)


Herva Doce 'Amante Profissional' music video

Amante Profissional (1985)

Herva Doce

Jeff Beck 'Ambitious' music video

Ambitious (1985)

Jeff Beck

Prince 'America' music video

America (1985)


Kurtis Blow 'America' music video

America (1985)

Kurtis Blow

Talking Heads 'And She Was' music video

And She Was (1985)

Talking Heads

The Hooters 'And We Danced' music video

And We Danced (1985)

The Hooters

Madonna 'Angel' music video

Angel (1985)


Prefab Sprout 'Appetite' music video

Appetite (1985)

Prefab Sprout

Sheena Easton 'Back In The City' music video

Back In The City (1985)

Sheena Easton

Huey Lewis 'Back In Time' music video

Back In Time (1985)

Huey Lewis

Twisted Sister 'Be Chrool to Your Scuel' music video

Be Chrool to Your Scuel (1985)

Twisted Sister

ABC 'Be Near Me' music video

Be Near Me (1985)


Sawyer Brown 'Betty's Bein' Bad' music video

Betty's Bein' Bad (1985)

Sawyer Brown

Allee Willis 'Big Adventure' music video

Big Adventure (1985)

Allee Willis

Scorpions 'Big City Nights' music video

Big City Nights (1985)


W.A.S.P. 'Blind In Texas' music video

Blind In Texas (1985)


Kirlian Camera 'Blue Room' music video

Blue Room (1985)

Kirlian Camera

Corey Hart 'Boy In The Box' music video

Boy In The Box (1985)

Corey Hart

Echo & The Bunnymen 'Bring on The Dancing Horses' music video

Bring on The Dancing Horses (1985)

Echo & The Bunnymen

Mr. Mister 'Broken Wings' music video

Broken Wings (1985)

Mr. Mister

Director: Oley Sassone

Dire Straits 'Brothers In Arms' music video

Brothers In Arms (1985)

Dire Straits

Survivor 'Burning Heart' music video

Burning Heart (1985)


Director: Jerry Kramer

Burning House of Love (1985)


David Lee Roth 'California Girls' music video

California Girls (1985)

David Lee Roth

Go West 'Call Me' music video

Call Me (1985)

Go West

Go West 'Call Me' music video

Call Me (1985)

Go West

Electric Light Orchestra 'Calling America' music video

Calling America (1985)

Electric Light Orchestra

REO Speedwagon 'Can't Fight This Feeling' music video

Can't Fight This Feeling (1985)

REO Speedwagon

Director: Sherry Revord, Kevin Dole