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McFly 'That's The Truth' music video That's The Truth (2011)
Director: Luke Bellis
Adele 'Rolling In The Deep' music video Rolling In The Deep (2010)
Director: Sam Brown
Tiësto 'Escape Me' music video Escape Me (2009)
Director: Matt Nee
Röyksopp 'The Girl and the Robot' music video The Girl and the Robot (2009)
Director: Michael Baldwin
Finger Eleven 'Paralyzer' music video Paralyzer (2009)
Finger Eleven
Director: Barnaby Roper
Christian Falk 'Dream On' music video Dream On (2008)
Christian Falk
Director: Barnaby Roper
The Verve 'Love Is Noise' music video Love Is Noise (2008)
The Verve
Director: Sam Brown
Finger Eleven 'I'll Keep Your Memory Vague' music video I'll Keep Your Memory Vague (2007)
Finger Eleven
Director: Barnaby Roper
Paolo Nutini 'Last Request' music video Last Request (2006)
Paolo Nutini
Director: Paul Gore
Snow Patrol 'You're All I Have' music video You're All I Have (2006)
Snow Patrol
Director: Barnaby Roper
Massive Attack 'False Flags' music video False Flags (2006)
Massive Attack
Director: Paul Gore
a-ha 'Cosy Prisons' music video Cosy Prisons (2006)
Director: Paul Gore
The Beautiful South 'Manchester' music video Manchester (2006)
The Beautiful South
Director: Sara Dunlop
Texas 'Can't Resist' music video Can't Resist (2005)
Director: Sam Brown
The Bravery 'Unconditional' music video Unconditional (2005)
The Bravery
Director: Paul Gore
Dogs (3) 'She's Got a Reason' music video She's Got a Reason (2005)
Dogs (3)
Director: Paul Gore
Starsailor 'In the Crossfire' music video In the Crossfire (2005)
Director: Paul Gore
Faithless 'Insomnia 2005' music video Insomnia 2005 (2005)
Director: Hexstatic
Cry (2004)
Alex Park
Director: Sam Brown
Eagle-Eye Cherry 'Don't Give Up' music video Don't Give Up (2004)
Eagle-Eye Cherry
Director: Yael Staav
Roni Size 'No More' music video No More (2004)
Roni Size
Director: Ben Ib
Moloko 'Forever More' music video Forever More (2003)
Director: Paul Gore
Pleasure Beach 'Out Of The Blues' music video Out Of The Blues (2003)
Pleasure Beach
Directors: Matt Kirkby, Si & Ad, Sam Arthur, Barnaby Roper, Scott Lyon, Matt Thame, James Frost, Richard Fenwick, Alex Smith, Sam Brown, Paul Gore, Art Jones, Andy Hutch
Crackout 'Out Of Our Minds' music video Out Of Our Minds (2003)
Director: Sam Brady
Feeder 'Find The Colour' music video Find The Colour (2003)
Director: Sam Brown
Elbow 'Fallen Angel' music video Fallen Angel (2003)
Director: Sam Brown
Har Mar Superstar 'Brothers & Sisters' music video Brothers & Sisters (2003)
Har Mar Superstar
Director: Pop Club
New Order 'Here to Stay' music video Here to Stay (2002)
New Order
Director: Paul Gore
Simian 'Never Be Alone' music video Never Be Alone (2002)
Director: Paul Gore
Terrorvision 'Fists Of Fury' music video Fists Of Fury (2001)
Director: Alex Hemming
Sander Kleinenberg 'My Lexicon' music video My Lexicon (2000)
Sander Kleinenberg
Director: Richard Fenwick
Atomic Kitten 'Follow Me' music video Follow Me (2000)
Atomic Kitten
Director: Alexander Hemming
Death In Vegas 'Dirge' music video Dirge (2000)
Death In Vegas
Directors: Richard Fenwick, Richard Fearless

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