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Aimee Mann 'I'm Cured' music video I'm Cured (2014) Production Company: Ways & Means
Director: Alan Tanner
Aimee Mann 'Soon Enough' music video Soon Enough (2012) Director: Ben Berman
Aimee Mann 'Labrador' music video Labrador (2012) Production Company: Production Company Productions
Director: Tom Scharpling
Aimee Mann 'Charmer' music video Charmer (2012) Director: Tom Scharpling
Production Company: Production Company Productions
Aimee Mann 'Freeway' music video Freeway (2008) Director: Michael Blieden
Aimee Mann '31 Today' music video 31 Today (2008) Director: Bobcat Goldthwait
Aimee Mann 'Save Me' music video Save Me (1999) Director: Paul Thomas Anderson
Aimee Mann 'That's Just What You Are' music video That's Just What You Are (1995)
Aimee Mann 'I Should've Known' music video I Should've Known (1993) Director: Katherine Dieckmann
Aimee Mann 'Pavlov's Bell' music video Pavlov's Bell Director: James Frost

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