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Air 'Painted Love' music video Painted Love (2011) Director: Ben Dickinson
Production Company: Ghost Robot
Air 'Sing Sang Sung' music video Sing Sang Sung (2009) Director: Mrzyk & Moriceau
Production Company: El Niño
Air 'So Light Is Her Footfall' music video So Light Is Her Footfall (2009) Director: Edouard Salier
Production Company: Autour de Minuit
Air 'Mer du Japon' music video Mer du Japon (2007) Director: Guillaume de la Perrière
Air 'Once Upon a Time' music video Once Upon a Time (2007) Directors: Mathieu Tonetti, Jonathan Lia
Air 'Surfing on a Rocket' music video Surfing on a Rocket (2004) Production Company: Partizan
Directors: Antoine Bardou-Jacquet, Romain Guillon
Air 'Alpha Beta Gaga' music video Alpha Beta Gaga (2004) Director: Mathieu Tonetti
Production Company: La Pac
Air 'Electronic Performers' music video Electronic Performers (2003) Directors: Arnaud Ganzerli, Laurent Bourdoiseau, Jérôme Blanquet
Air 'Cherry Blossom Girl' music video Cherry Blossom Girl (2003) Director: Kris Kramski
Air 'Don't Be Light' music video Don't Be Light (2002) Director: Mrzyk & Moriceau
Air 'People in the City' music video People in the City (2002) Director: Craig Champion
Air 'How Does It Make You Feel?' music video How Does It Make You Feel? (2001) Directors: Antoine Bardou-Jacquet, Romain Guillon
Production Company: Partizan
Air 'Radio #1' music video Radio #1 (2001) Directors: Alex Courtes, Martin Fougerol
Production Company: Partizan
Air 'Playground Love' music video Playground Love (2000) Directors: Sofia Coppola, Roman Coppola
Production Company: The Directors Bureau
Air 'Le soleil est près de moi' music video Le soleil est près de moi (1999) Director: Mike Mills
Air 'All I Need' music video All I Need (1998) Director: Mike Mills
Air 'Kelly Watch the Stars' music video Kelly Watch the Stars (1998) Director: Mike Mills
Air 'Sexy Boy' music video Sexy Boy (1998) Director: Mike Mills
Production Company: The Directors Bureau
Air 'Inside' music video Inside Director: Gauthier Flauder

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