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Blur 'I Broadcast' music video I Broadcast (2015) Director: Tony Hung
Blur 'Ong Ong' music video Ong Ong (2015) Director: Tony Hung
Blur 'Lonesome Street' music video Lonesome Street (2015) Director: Ben Reed
Production Company: Riff Raff Films
Blur 'There Are Too Many of Us' music video There Are Too Many of Us (2015) Director: Blur
Blur 'Go Out' music video Go Out (2015) Director: Tony Hung
Blur 'Fool's Day' music video Fool's Day (2010)
Blur 'Crazy Beat' music video Crazy Beat (2003) Director: Shynola
Production Company: Oil Factory Inc.
Blur 'Good Song' music video Good Song (2003) Director: Shynola
Blur 'Out Of Time' music video Out Of Time (2003) Director: John Hardwick
Blur 'Music Is My Radar' music video Music Is My Radar (2000) Director: Don Cameron
Production Company: Tsunami Film
Blur 'Tender' music video Tender (1999) Director: Sophie Muller
Blur 'Coffee And TV' music video Coffee And TV (1999) Production Company: Hammer & Tongs
Director: Garth Jennings
Blur 'No Distance Left To Run' music video No Distance Left To Run (1999) Director: Thomas Vinterberg
Blur 'On Your Own' music video On Your Own (1997) Director: Sophie Muller
Blur 'Song 2' music video Song 2 (1997) Director: Sophie Muller
Blur 'M.O.R.' music video M.O.R. (1997) Director: John Hardwick
Blur 'Beetlebum' music video Beetlebum (1997) Director: Sophie Muller
Blur 'Charmless Man' music video Charmless Man (1996) Director: Jamie Thraves
Blur 'It Could Be You' music video It Could Be You (1996) Director: Matthew Longfellow
Blur 'Country House' music video Country House (1995) Director: Damien Hirst
Blur 'The Universal' music video The Universal (1995) Director: Jonathan Glazer
Blur 'Girls and Boys' music video Girls and Boys (1994) Director: Kevin Godley
Blur 'Parklife' music video Parklife (1994) Director: Pedro Romhanyi
Blur 'To The End' music video To The End (1994) Director: David Mould
Blur 'To The End' music video To The End (1994) Director: Matthew Longfellow
Blur 'For Tomorrow' music video For Tomorrow (1993) Director: Julien Temple
Blur 'Popscene' music video Popscene (1992) Director: David Mould
Blur 'Bang' music video Bang (1991) Director: Willy Smax
Blur 'There's No Other Way' music video There's No Other Way (1991)
Blur 'She's So High' music video She's So High (1991) Director: Dave Balfe

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