Brian Freesh


as Steadicam Operator (28)

LANY 'Thick And Thin' music video Thick And Thin (2019)
Director: Isaac Ravishankara
Meg Myers 'Numb' music video Numb (2018)
Meg Myers
Director: Clara Aranovich
Production Company: Little Ugly
Childish Gambino 'This Is America' music video This Is America (2018)
Childish Gambino
Director: Hiro Murai
Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment
Arcade Fire 'Everything Now' music video Everything Now (2017)
Arcade Fire
Director: The Sacred Egg
Production Company: The Directors Bureau
Tove Lo 'True Disaster (Part of Fairy Dust)' music video True Disaster (Part of Fairy Dust) (2016)
Tove Lo
Director: Tim Erem
Production Company: Diktator
Tove Lo 'Fairy Dust' music video Fairy Dust (2016)
Tove Lo
Director: Tim Erem
Production Company: Diktator
Tove Lo 'Cool Girl' music video Cool Girl (2016)
Tove Lo
Director: Tim Erem
Production Company: Diktator
Beyoncé 'Sorry' music video Sorry (2016)
Directors: Kahlil Joseph, Beyoncé
Darkstar 'Reformer' music video Reformer (2016)
Elle King 'America's Sweetheart' music video America's Sweetheart (2016)
Elle King
Florence + The Machine 'Delilah' music video Delilah (2015)
Florence + The Machine
Director: Vincent Haycock
Production Company: Mainline
Matthew E White 'Vision' music video Vision (2015)
Matthew E White
Director: Clara Aranovich
U2 'Song For Someone' music video Song For Someone (2015)
Director: Vincent Haycock
Yogi & Skrillex 'Burial' music video Burial (2015)
Yogi & Skrillex
Director: Grant Singer
DROOL 'End Girl' music video End Girl (2015)
Directors: Cara Stricker, Gina Gammell
Kendrick Lamar 'i' music video i (2014)
Kendrick Lamar
Directors: Alexandre Moors, The Little Homies
Jesse Jo Stark 'Down Your Drain' music video Down Your Drain (2014)
Jesse Jo Stark
Director: Olivia Malone
FKA Twigs 'Video Girl' music video Video Girl (2014)
FKA Twigs
Director: Kahlil Joseph
Steve Angello 'Wasted Love' music video Wasted Love (2014)
Steve Angello
Director: Lance Drake
Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment
Lana del Rey 'West Coast' music video West Coast (2014)
Lana del Rey
Director: Vincent Haycock
Production Companies: Vision Film, Mainline, Park Pictures
Duck Sauce 'NRG' music video NRG (2014)
Duck Sauce
Director: Dugan O'Neal
Production Company: The Directors Bureau
Iggy Azalea 'Fancy' music video Fancy (2014)
Iggy Azalea
Director: Director X
Production Companies: Luti Media, DNA, Inc.
Dom Kennedy 'STILL CALLIN' music video STILL CALLIN (2014)
Dom Kennedy
Director: Brandon Lee Stratton
The Wanted 'Show Me Love (America)' music video Show Me Love (America) (2013)
The Wanted
Director: Frank Borin
Production Company: London Alley Entertainment
Pusha T 'Nosetalgia' music video Nosetalgia (2013)
Pusha T
Alice In Chains 'Voices' music video Voices (2013)
Alice In Chains
Director: Roboshobo
Son of Stan 'Noxeema' music video Noxeema (2013)
Son of Stan
Director: Daniel Stessen
Production Company: More Moments
Pusha T 'Trouble On My Mind' music video Trouble On My Mind (2011)
Pusha T
Director: Jason Goldwatch

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