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Lil Nas X 'Holiday' music video Holiday (2020)
Lil Nas X
Directors: Gibson Hazard, Lil Nas X
Production Company: Hazard Studios
Justin Bieber 'Holy' music video Holy (2020)
Justin Bieber
Director: Colin Tilley
6IX9INE 'GOOBA' music video GOOBA (2020)
Directors: David Wept, 6IX9INE, CanonF8
Production Companies: AT.LAS, FatKing Films
Gallant 'Sweet Insomnia' music video Sweet Insomnia (2020)
Director: Cameron Dean
Production Company: T&Shay
Tones And I 'The Kids Are Coming' music video The Kids Are Coming (2019)
Tones And I
Director: Alan Del Rio Ortiz
Production Company: Obsidian
Offset 'Clout' music video Clout (2019)
Director: Daniel Russell
Drax Project 'Woke Up Late' music video Woke Up Late (2019)
Drax Project
Director: Jonathan Singer-Vine
Production Company: BOY IN THE CASTLE
Marshmello 'Together' music video Together (2018)
Director: Toby Wosskow
Blood Orange 'Chewing Gum' music video Chewing Gum (2018)
Blood Orange
Director: Devonté Hynes
Marshmello 'Happier' music video Happier (2018)
Director: Mercedes Bryce Morgan
Marshmello 'Stars' music video Stars (2018)
Director: Toby Wosskow
Residente 'Desencuentro' music video Desencuentro (2017)
Director: René Pérez Joglar
Production Companies: La Tara, Iconoclast
Bea Miller 'Song Like You' music video Song Like You (2017)
Bea Miller
Directors: Kyle Cogan, Jo Roy
Production Company: Simian Design Group
Devendra Banhart 'Saturday Night' music video Saturday Night (2016)
Devendra Banhart
Directors: Jon Beasley, Isabelle Albuquerque
Production Company: Prettybird
Juicy J 'No English' music video No English (2016)
Juicy J
Directors: RJ Sanchez, Brendan Vaughan
Production Company: Snow Beach
Vulfpeck 'Back Pocket' music video Back Pocket (2016)
Director: Tim Hendrix
Jetta & Matstubs 'Take It Easy (Remix)' music video Take It Easy (Remix) (2016)
Jetta & Matstubs
Director: Brendan Vaughan
Ariana Grande 'Let Me Love You' music video Let Me Love You (2016)
Ariana Grande
Director: Grant Singer
Production Company: Anonymous Content
Panic! at the Disco 'Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time' music video Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time (2016)
Panic! at the Disco
Director: Tim Hendrix
Production Company: Yacht Club
Nyck Caution 'Basin' music video Basin (2016)
Nyck Caution
Director: Brendan Vaughan
Production Company: Snow Beach
Lucas Marx 'The Other Side' music video The Other Side (2016)
Lucas Marx
Director: AJ Frydman
Devin Kirtz 'My Day' music video My Day (2016)
Devin Kirtz
Director: Eric McCoy
Slayer 'Repentless' music video Repentless (2015)
Director: BJ McDonnell
The Weeknd 'Tell Your Friends' music video Tell Your Friends (2015)
The Weeknd
Director: Grant Singer
The Weeknd 'Can't Feel My Face' music video Can't Feel My Face (2015)
The Weeknd
Director: Grant Singer
Production Company: Anonymous Content
Skylar Spence 'Can't You See' music video Can't You See (2015)
Skylar Spence
Director: Tim Hendrix
Yogi & Skrillex 'Burial' music video Burial (2015)
Yogi & Skrillex
Director: Grant Singer
Vic Mensa 'U Mad' music video U Mad (2015)
Vic Mensa
Director: Grant Singer
Production Company: Vision Film
Melanie Martinez 'Pity Party' music video Pity Party (2015)
Melanie Martinez
Co-Director: DJay Brawner
Directors: Melanie Martinez, DJay Brawner
Production Company: Anthem Films
The Weeknd 'The Hills' music video The Hills (2015)
The Weeknd
Director: Grant Singer
Operators 'True' music video True (2015)
Director: Brook Linder
Snoh Aalegra 'Emotional' music video Emotional (2015)
Snoh Aalegra
Director: Sarah Chatfield
Production Company: Black Dog Films
Ariel Pink 'Dayzed Inn Daydreams' music video Dayzed Inn Daydreams (2015)
Ariel Pink
Director: Grant Singer
Production Company: HK Corp
Priceless Da Roc 'Yike Stand' music video Yike Stand (2014)
Priceless Da Roc
Director: Suj
Ariel Pink 'Picture Me Gone' music video Picture Me Gone (2014)
Ariel Pink
Director: Grant Singer
Note: @ Company 3
Foxygen 'Coulda Been My Love' music video Coulda Been My Love (2014)
Director: Grant Singer
Production Companies: Riff Raff Films, Anthem Films
Valentino Khan 'Make Some Noise' music video Make Some Noise (2014)
Valentino Khan
Production Company: Anthem Films
Director: Tim Hendrix
Baha Men 'Night & Day' music video Night & Day (2014)
Baha Men
Director: Lavado Stubbs
Production Company: Conchboy Films
Note: Company 3
Najie Dun 'How the Story Go' music video How the Story Go (2014)
Najie Dun
Director: Lavado Stubbs
Note: Company 3

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