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The Maccabees 'Marks To Prove It' music video Marks To Prove It (2015)
The Maccabees
Director: Joe Connor
Production Company: Chief Productions
Robbie Williams 'Dream A Little Dream' music video Dream A Little Dream (2013)
Robbie Williams
Director: Chris Sweeney
Production Company: Good Egg
Goldfrapp 'Rocket' music video Rocket (2010)
Director: Kim Gehrig
Production Company: Academy Films
Goldfrapp 'Happiness' music video Happiness (2008)
Director: Dougal Wilson
Goldfrapp 'A&E' music video A&E (2008)
Director: Dougal Wilson
Production Company: Colonel Blimp
Robbie Williams 'Kids' music video Kids (2000)
Robbie Williams
Director: Simon Hilton
Production Company: Maguffin Ltd.
Robbie Williams 'It's Only Us' music video It's Only Us (1999)
Robbie Williams
Director: Simon Hilton
Production Company: The Artists Company

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as Producer (5)

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