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Cee-Lo Green 'Sign Of The Times' music video Sign Of The Times (2015) Director: Sky Jason Shields
Cee-Lo Green 'Only You' music video Only You (2013) Director: Ethan Lader
Cee-Lo Green 'All I Need Is Love' music video All I Need Is Love (2012) Director: Marc Klasfeld
Cee-Lo Green 'This Christmas' music video This Christmas (2012) Director: Mikael Columbu
Cee-Lo Green 'Silent Night' music video Silent Night (2012) Director: Adam Donald
Cee-Lo Green 'I Want You' music video I Want You (2011) Director: Mazik Self
Production Company: BLVD Industries
Cee-Lo Green 'Anyway' music video Anyway (2011) Director: Wonford St.James
Cee-Lo Green 'Cry Baby' music video Cry Baby (2011) Director: Mickey Finnegan
Cee-Lo Green 'Bright Lights Bigger City (Remix)' music video Bright Lights Bigger City (Remix) (2011)
Cee-Lo Green 'Bright Lights Bigger City' music video Bright Lights Bigger City (2010) Director: Kai Regan
Cee-Lo Green 'It's Ok' music video It's Ok (2010) Director: Matt Stawski
Production Company: Refused TV
Cee-Lo Green 'Forget You' music video Forget You (2010)
Cee-Lo Green 'Fuck You' music video Fuck You (2010) Director: Matt Stawski
Production Companies: Refused TV, Artists and Derelicts
Cee-Lo Green 'No One's Gonna Love You (Paul Epworth Mix)' music video No One's Gonna Love You (Paul Epworth Mix) (2010) Director: Skinny
Production Company: Partizan
Cee-Lo Green 'Closet Freak' music video Closet Freak (2001) Director: Brian Beletic

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as Appearance (9)

Goodie Mob 'I'm Set' music video I'm Set (2013)
Goodie Mob
Director: Constellation Jones
Slaughterhouse 'My Life' music video My Life (2012)
Director: Syndrome
Production Company: Plus Four Productions
Solange 'T.O.N.Y.' music video T.O.N.Y. (2009)
Directors: Solange, Va$htie
Gnarls Barkley 'Run' music video Run (2008)
Gnarls Barkley
Director: Happy
Production Company: Smuggler
Gnarls Barkley 'Who's Gonna Save My Soul' music video Who's Gonna Save My Soul (2008)
Gnarls Barkley
Director: Chris Milk
Cool Breeze 'Watch For The Hook' music video Watch For The Hook (1999)
Cool Breeze
Director: David Nelson
Production Company: X-Ray Productions
Goodie Mob 'Black Ice' music video Black Ice (1998)
Goodie Mob
Director: Gregory Dark
Production Company: FM Rocks
OutKast 'Git Up, Git Out' music video Git Up, Git Out (1994)
Director: Marcus Turner
Plantlife 'Love Me' music video Love Me

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