David Landreth

David Landreth

1st Assistant Cameraman    Los Angeles, CA 



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Nickelback 'She Keeps Me Up' music video She Keeps Me Up (2015)
Director: Nigel Dick
Production Company: DNA, Inc.
Skip The Use 'The Story Of Gods And Men' music video The Story Of Gods And Men (2014)
Skip The Use
Director: Benjamin Kutsko
RuPaul 'Sissy That Walk' music video Sissy That Walk (2014)
Director: Steven Corfe
Production Company: World of Wonder
Avicii 'Hey Brother' music video Hey Brother (2013)
Director: Jesse S
Production Company: BLVD Industries
Afrojack 'The Spark' music video The Spark (2013)
Director: Tim Nackashi
Production Companies: Black Dog Films, Revel Pictures
Basic Vacation 'I Believe' music video I Believe (2013)
Basic Vacation
Directors: Chris Grieder, Tim Nackashi
Production Company: Black Dog Films
Icona Pop 'Girlfriend' music video Girlfriend (2013)
Icona Pop
Director: Tim Nackashi
Sarah Brightman 'One Day Like This' music video One Day Like This (2013)
Sarah Brightman
Director: Rob Boocheck
Owl City 'When Can I See You Again?' music video When Can I See You Again? (2012)
Owl City
Director: Matt Stawski
Production Company: Artists and Derelicts
Bruno Mars 'Locked Out Of Heaven' music video Locked Out Of Heaven (2012)
Bruno Mars
Directors: Cameron Duddy, Bruno Mars
Production Company: BLVD Industries
Billy Ray Cyrus 'Change My Mind' music video Change My Mind (2012)
Billy Ray Cyrus
Director: Michael Maxxis
Jay-Z & Kanye West 'Niggas In Paris' music video Niggas In Paris (2012)
Jay-Z & Kanye West
Director: Kanye West
Co-Director: Alexandre Moors
Production Companies: Good Company, Big Disco
Jodie Connor 'Take You There' music video Take You There (2012)
Jodie Connor
Director: Rock Jacobs
Supafly (3) 'Happiness' music video Happiness (2012)
Supafly (3)
Director: Rock Jacobs
Pitbull 'Back In Time' music video Back In Time (2012)
Production Company: Creativeseen
Director: David Rousseau
Labrinth 'Last Time' music video Last Time (2012)
Romeo Santos 'Tu Rival' music video Tu Rival (2012)
Romeo Santos
Director: Rob Garcia
Aura Dione 'Friends' music video Friends (2012)
Aura Dione
Director: Ray Kay
Production Company: Riveting Entertainment
Nickelback 'Lullaby' music video Lullaby (2012)
Director: Nigel Dick
Production Company: DNA, Inc.
Kevin McCall 'Fuck You, Pay Me' music video Fuck You, Pay Me (2011)
Kevin McCall
Director: Edward Tran
Kevin McCall 'Guess Who' music video Guess Who (2011)
Kevin McCall
Director: Edward Tran
Sefyu 'Turbo' music video Turbo (2011)
Director: Nathalie Canguilhem
Production Company: Paradoxal
Irina Shapiro 'Something About You' music video Something About You
Irina Shapiro
Director: Dustin Robertson

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