Brad Rushing

Brad Rushing

Cinematographer at APA Talent And Literary Agency    Los Angeles, CA



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Cash Cash 'How To Love' music video How To Love (2016)
Cash Cash
Director: Roboshobo
Plain White T's 'Pause' music video Pause (2015)
Plain White T's
Director: Mike Venezia
Production Company: Dreamseek Entertainment
Placebo 'Begin the End' music video Begin the End (2014)
Director: Piper Ferguson
Production Company: Dreamseek Entertainment
Ryan W 'Hardcore' music video Hardcore (2014)
Ryan W
Production Company: Visual Harassment
Director: Tara Alexis
Chris Wallace 'Keep Me Crazy' music video Keep Me Crazy (2013)
Chris Wallace
Director: Justin Baldoni
Delerium 'Chrysalis Heart' music video Chrysalis Heart (2013)
Director: Jose Ho-Guanipa
Production Company: Visual Harassment
The Mowgli's 'San Francisco' music video San Francisco (2013)
The Mowgli's
Director: Justin Baldoni
Sarah Brightman 'One Day Like This' music video One Day Like This (2013)
Sarah Brightman
Director: Rob Boocheck
Jodie Connor 'Take You There' music video Take You There (2012)
Jodie Connor
Director: Rock Jacobs
Supafly (3) 'Happiness' music video Happiness (2012)
Supafly (3)
Director: Rock Jacobs
Romeo Santos 'Tu Rival' music video Tu Rival (2012)
Romeo Santos
Director: Rob Garcia
Kevin McCall 'Fuck You, Pay Me' music video Fuck You, Pay Me (2011)
Kevin McCall
Director: Edward Tran
Kevin McCall 'Guess Who' music video Guess Who (2011)
Kevin McCall
Director: Edward Tran
Sefyu 'Turbo' music video Turbo (2011)
Director: Nathalie Canguilhem
Production Company: Paradoxal
Lifehouse 'Whatever It Takes' music video Whatever It Takes (2011)
Nipsey Hussle 'Feelin' Myself' music video Feelin' Myself (2010)
Nipsey Hussle
Lolene 'Rich' music video Rich (2010)
Director: Justin Harder
Kate Voegele 'Only Fooling Myself' music video Only Fooling Myself (2009)
Kate Voegele
Director: Phil Griffin
3OH!3 'Starstrukk' music video Starstrukk (2009)
Director: Steve Jocz
The Classic Crime 'Abracadavers' music video Abracadavers (2009)
The Classic Crime
Director: Dan Dobi
La Quinta Estacion 'Recuerdame' music video Recuerdame (2009)
La Quinta Estacion
Brutha 'I Can't Hear The Music' music video I Can't Hear The Music (2008)
The Summerlad 'City Of Noise' music video City Of Noise (2008)
The Summerlad
Director: Mitch Barany
Katrina Elam 'No End In Sight' music video No End In Sight (2005)
Katrina Elam
Rob Thomas 'Lonely No More' music video Lonely No More (2005)
Rob Thomas
Spoiled (2005)
Joss Stone
Director: Joseph Kahn
Britney Spears 'Toxic' music video Toxic (2004)
Britney Spears
Director: Joseph Kahn
Ashlee Simpson 'La La' music video La La (2004)
Ashlee Simpson
Director: Joseph Kahn
Alsou 'Always On My Mind' music video Always On My Mind (2004)
Simply Red 'Home' music video Home (2004)
Simply Red
Director: Hayley Cloake
Blink-182 'Always' music video Always (2004)
Director: Joseph Kahn
JC Chasez 'All Day Long I Dream About Sex' music video All Day Long I Dream About Sex (2004)
JC Chasez
Director: Todd Kellstein
DMX 'X Gon' Give It To Ya' music video X Gon' Give It To Ya (2003)
Director: Joseph Kahn
Lionel Richie 'To Love A Woman' music video To Love A Woman (2003)
Lionel Richie
Director: Simon Brand
Busta Rhymes 'Light Your Ass On Fire' music video Light Your Ass On Fire (2003)
Busta Rhymes
Director: Joseph Kahn
Dido 'White Flag' music video White Flag (2003)
Director: Joseph Kahn
Nelly 'Work It' music video Work It (2003)
Director: Joseph Kahn
Mariah Carey 'Boy (I Need You)' music video Boy (I Need You) (2003)
Mariah Carey
Director: Joseph Kahn
TLC 'Damaged' music video Damaged (2003)
Director: Joseph Kahn
Bowling For Soup 'Punk Rock 101' music video Punk Rock 101 (2003)
Bowling For Soup
Enrique Iglesias 'Para Qué La Vida (She Stays)' music video Para Qué La Vida (She Stays) (2003)
Enrique Iglesias
Director: Simon Brand
Angel 'Destiny Complete' music video Destiny Complete (2003)
Director: Hayley Cloake
Holly Valance 'State Of Mind' music video State Of Mind (2003)
Holly Valance
Daniel Bedingfield 'If You're Not The One' music video If You're Not The One (2003)
Daniel Bedingfield
Director: Hayley Cloake
Ricky Martin 'Juramento' music video Juramento (2003)
Ricky Martin
Nelly 'Pimp Juice' music video Pimp Juice (2002)
Chantal Kreviazuk 'Time' music video Time (2002)
Chantal Kreviazuk
Eminem 'Without Me' music video Without Me (2002)
Director: Joseph Kahn
George Michael 'Freeek' music video Freeek (2002)
George Michael
Sum 41 'Motivation' music video Motivation (2002)
Sum 41
Director: Super America
Production Company: SuperMega
Moby 'We Are All Made of Stars' music video We Are All Made of Stars (2002)
Director: Joseph Kahn
Garbage 'Cherry Lips' music video Cherry Lips (2001)
Director: Joseph Kahn
Warren G 'Get You Down' music video Get You Down
Warren G
Director: Kevin Hunter

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