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Ginuwine 'Heaven' music video Heaven (2011)
Ginuwine 'Get Involved' music video Get Involved (2010) Director: Marco Pavone
Ginuwine 'What Could Have Been' music video What Could Have Been (2010)
Ginuwine 'I'm In Love' music video I'm In Love (2006)
Ginuwine 'When We Make Love' music video When We Make Love (2005) Director: Philip Andelman
Production Company: Partizan
Ginuwine 'In Those Jeans' music video In Those Jeans (2003) Director: Chris Robinson
Ginuwine 'Hell Yeah' music video Hell Yeah (2003) Director: Dave Meyers
Ginuwine 'Differences' music video Differences (2001) Director: Hype Williams
Ginuwine 'Just Because' music video Just Because (2001) Director: Francis Lawrence
Ginuwine 'There It Is' music video There It Is (2001) Director: Director X
Ginuwine 'None Of Ur Friends Business' music video None Of Ur Friends Business (1999) Director: Chris Robinson
Ginuwine 'So Anxious' music video So Anxious (1999) Director: Chris Robinson
Ginuwine 'Same Ol' G' music video Same Ol' G (1998) Director: Dave Meyers
Ginuwine 'Tell Me Do U Wanna' music video Tell Me Do U Wanna (1997) Director: Michael Lucero
Ginuwine 'When Doves Cry' music video When Doves Cry (1997) Director: Michael Lucero
Ginuwine 'Holler' music video Holler (1997) Director: Darren Grant
Ginuwine 'I'll Do Anything/I'm Sorry' music video I'll Do Anything/I'm Sorry (1997) Director: Bille Woodruff
Ginuwine 'Only When Ur Lonely' music video Only When Ur Lonely (1997) Director: Darren Grant
Ginuwine 'Pony' music video Pony (1996) Director: Michael Lucero

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