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HIM 'Into The Night' music video Into The Night (2013) Director: Stefan Lindfors
HIM 'All Lips Go Blue' music video All Lips Go Blue (2013) Director: Eu­gene Riecan­sky
Production Company: Rockstar (9)
HIM 'Tears On Tape' music video Tears On Tape (2013) Director: Stefan Lindfors
HIM 'Strange World' music video Strange World (2012) Director: Eu­gene Riecan­sky
HIM 'Heartkiller' music video Heartkiller (2010) Director: James Copeman
HIM 'Scared to Death' music video Scared to Death (2010) Director: Eu­gene Riecan­sky
HIM 'The Kiss of Dawn' music video The Kiss of Dawn (2007) Director: Meiert Avis
HIM 'Bleed Well' music video Bleed Well (2007) Director: Meiert Avis
HIM 'Killing Loneliness' music video Killing Loneliness (2006) Production Company: Merge@Crossroads
Director: Nathan Cox
HIM 'Killing Loneliness' music video Killing Loneliness (2005) Director: Noble Jones
Production Company: Revolver Films
HIM 'Wings of a Butterfly' music video Wings of a Butterfly (2005) Production Company: Pusher Media
Director: Meiert Avis
HIM 'Solitary Man' music video Solitary Man (2004) Director: Bam Margera
HIM 'And Love Said No' music video And Love Said No (2004) Director: Bam Margera
HIM 'The Funeral of Hearts' music video The Funeral of Hearts (2003) Director: Stefan Lindfors
HIM 'The Sacrament' music video The Sacrament (2003) Director: Bam Margera
HIM 'Buried Alive by Love' music video Buried Alive by Love (2003) Director: Bam Margera
HIM 'In Joy and Sorrow' music video In Joy and Sorrow (2001) Director: John Hillcoat
HIM 'Pretending' music video Pretending (2001) Production Company: The Artists Company
Director: Kevin Godley
HIM 'Gone with the Sin' music video Gone with the Sin (2000) Director: Erçin Filizli
HIM 'Right Here in My Arms' music video Right Here in My Arms (2000) Director: Pasi Pauni
HIM 'Wicked Game' music video Wicked Game (2000) Director: Bill Yukich
HIM 'Join Me in Death' music video Join Me in Death (2000) Director: John Hillcoat
HIM 'Join Me in Death' music video Join Me in Death (1999) Production Company: Tracks Film GmbH
Director: Robert Wilde
HIM 'When Love and Death Embrace' music video When Love and Death Embrace (1999) Director: Mikko Pitkänen
Production Company: Crea Filmi Oy
HIM 'Wicked Game' music video Wicked Game (1998) Director: Markus Walter
HIM 'Wicked Game' music video Wicked Game (1996) Director: Antto Melasniemi

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