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Marilyn Manson 'KILL4ME' music video KILL4ME (2017)
Marilyn Manson
Director: Bill Yukich
Empire of the Sun 'High And Low' music video High And Low (2016)
Empire of the Sun
Director: Empire of the Sun
Beyoncé 'Sorry' music video Sorry (2016)
Directors: Kahlil Joseph, Beyoncé
Robin Thicke 'Back Together' music video Back Together (2015)
Robin Thicke
Director: Ben Mor
Production Company: Black Dog Films
Wiz Khalifa 'See You Again' music video See You Again (2015)
Wiz Khalifa
Director: Marc Klasfeld
Production Company: Rockhard
Charlie Puth 'Marvin Gaye' music video Marvin Gaye (2015)
Charlie Puth
Director: Marc Klasfeld
Calvin Harris 'Pray To God' music video Pray To God (2015)
Calvin Harris
Director: Emil Nava
Production Company: London Alley Entertainment
Maroon 5 'Sugar' music video Sugar (2015)
Maroon 5
Director: David Dobkin
Production Company: Black Dog Films
Jack White 'Would You Fight For My Love?' music video Would You Fight For My Love? (2014)
Jack White
Director: Robert Hales
Charli XCX 'Break The Rules' music video Break The Rules (2014)
Charli XCX
Director: Marc Klasfeld
Production Company: Rockhard
Pharrell Williams 'Come Get It Bae' music video Come Get It Bae (2014)
Pharrell Williams
Director: Luis Cerveró
Production Companies: Colonel Blimp, Good Company
Britney Spears 'Ooh La La' music video Ooh La La (2013)
Britney Spears
Director: Marc Klasfeld
Production Company: Rockhard
Empire of the Sun 'Alive' music video Alive (2013)
Empire of the Sun
Director: JD Dillard
Production Company: Kelvin Optical
Alicia Keys 'Fire We Make' music video Fire We Make (2013)
Alicia Keys
Director: Chris Robinson
Production Company: Robot Films
Haim 'Falling' music video Falling (2013)
Director: Tabitha Denholm
Production Company: Partizan
Carly Rae Jepsen 'This Kiss' music video This Kiss (2012)
Carly Rae Jepsen
Director: Justin Francis
Youngblood Hawke 'We Come Running' music video We Come Running (2012)
Youngblood Hawke
Demi Lovato 'Give Your Heart A Break' music video Give Your Heart A Break (2011)
Demi Lovato
Director: Justin Francis
Production Company: Hello and Company
Red Hot Chili Peppers 'Brendan's Death Song' music video Brendan's Death Song (2012)
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Director: Marc Klasfeld
Asher Roth 'I Love College' music video I Love College (2008)
Asher Roth
Directors: Jonathan Lia, Scooter Braun
Production Company: Good Company
Foo Fighters 'Low' music video Low (2003)
Foo Fighters
Director: Jesse Peretz
Production Company: Merge@Crossroads
Korn 'Alone I Break' music video Alone I Break (2002)
Director: Sean Dack
Production Company: Partizan
Britney Spears 'Born to Make You Happy' music video Born to Make You Happy (1999)
Britney Spears
Director: Bille Woodruff
Production Company: Geneva Films
The Chemical Brothers 'Out of Control' music video Out of Control (1999)
The Chemical Brothers
Director: W.I.Z.
Production Company: Oil Factory Inc.
Note: @ Scratch
Christina Aguilera 'Genie in a Bottle' music video Genie in a Bottle (1999)
Christina Aguilera
Director: Diane Martel
Production Company: X-Ray Productions
Cree Summer 'Revelation Sunshine' music video Revelation Sunshine (1999)
Cree Summer
Director: Lisa Bonet
Production Company: Oil Factory Inc.
Moby 'Bodyrock' music video Bodyrock (1999)
Director: Fredrik Bond
Production Company: Harry Nash
Marilyn Manson 'The Dope Show' music video The Dope Show (1998)
Marilyn Manson
Director: Paul Hunter
Production Company: HSI Productions
Marilyn Manson 'I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)' music video I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me) (1998)
Marilyn Manson
Director: Paul Hunter
Mariah Carey 'Breakdown' music video Breakdown (1998)
Mariah Carey
Directors: Mariah Carey, Diane Martel
Hole 'Malibu' music video Malibu (1998)
Director: Paul Hunter
Matchbox Twenty 'Back 2 Good' music video Back 2 Good (1998)
Matchbox Twenty
Director: Paul Hunter
Metallica 'Fuel' music video Fuel (1998)
Director: Wayne Isham
Production Company: A Band Apart
Everclear 'Father Of Mine' music video Father Of Mine (1998)
Director: Paul Hunter
Mariah Carey 'Honey' music video Honey (1997)
Mariah Carey
Director: Paul Hunter
Blackstreet 'Fix' music video Fix (1997)
Director: Paul Hunter
Drowning Pool 'Bodies' music video Bodies
Drowning Pool
Director: Paul Hunter

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