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Ry X 'Sweat' music video Sweat (2014)
Ry X
Directors: Dugan O'Neal, Ry X
Production Company: The Directors Bureau
TOBACCO 'Streaker' music video Streaker (2014)
Director: Eric Wareheim
The Acid 'Basic Instinct' music video Basic Instinct (2014)
The Acid
Directors: Ry X, Dugan O'Neal
Production Company: Burbank Gamma Ray
MIKA 'Underwater' music video Underwater (2012)
Director: Alex Southam
Production Companies: Agile Films, Revel Pictures
Data/Debt 'Resistor' music video Resistor (2012)
Director: Alex Pelly
Production Company: The Masses
Busdriver 'Kiss Me Back to Life' music video Kiss Me Back to Life
Director: Chris Coats
Production Company: The Masses

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as Choreographer (2)

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