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Blink-182 'Up All Night' music video Up All Night (2011)
Director: Isaac Rentz
Production Company: More Media
Steven Tyler '(It) Feels So Good' music video (It) Feels So Good (2011)
Steven Tyler
Director: Ray Kay
Production Company: Rockhard
Nicola Roberts 'Beat of My Drum' music video Beat of My Drum (2011)
Nicola Roberts
Director: Wendy Morgan
Production Company: Revolver Films
Miley Cyrus 'Fly On the Wall' music video Fly On the Wall (2008)
Miley Cyrus
Director: Philip Andelman
Production Company: Partizan
Feist 'I Feel It All' music video I Feel It All (2008)
Director: Patrick Daughters
Production Company: The Directors Bureau
30 Seconds To Mars 'From Yesterday' music video From Yesterday (2006)
30 Seconds To Mars
Director: Jared Leto
System Of A Down 'Lonely Day' music video Lonely Day (2006)
System Of A Down
Director: Josh & Xander
Everyman Everywoman (2005)
Yoko Ono
Director: Honey
Production Company: Partizan
Linkin Park 'Breaking The Habit' music video Breaking The Habit (2004)
Linkin Park
Director: Joe Hahn
Note: Shot band performance that was used for reference for the animation.
Nelly 'Over And Over' music video Over And Over (2004)
Director: Erik White
Silvertide 'Aint Comin Home' music video Aint Comin Home (2004)
Director: Honey
Production Company: Partizan
Linkin Park 'Numb' music video Numb (2004)
Linkin Park
Director: Joe Hahn
Lloyd 'Southside' music video Southside (2004)
Director: Irv Gotti
John Legend 'Used to Love U' music video Used to Love U (2004)
John Legend
Director: Ben Mor
Beyoncé 'Naughty Girl' music video Naughty Girl (2004)
Director: Jake Nava
Kings Of Leon 'Molly's Chambers' music video Molly's Chambers (2003)
Kings Of Leon
Director: Honey
Production Company: Partizan
The Distillers 'Drain The Blood' music video Drain The Blood (2003)
The Distillers
Director: Dean Karr
Unwritten Law 'Up All Night' music video Up All Night (2001)
Unwritten Law
Director: Honey
Missy Elliott 'Get Ur Freak On' music video Get Ur Freak On (2001)
Missy Elliott
Director: Dave Meyers
No Doubt 'Hey Baby' music video Hey Baby (2001)
No Doubt
Director: Dave Meyers
Xzibit 'X' music video X (2000)
Director: Dave Meyers
3 Doors Down 'Kryptonite' music video Kryptonite (2000)
3 Doors Down
Director: Dean Karr
Aphex Twin 'Windowlicker' music video Windowlicker (1999)
Aphex Twin
Director: Chris Cunningham
Production Company: Black Dog Films
Tool 'Aenema' music video Aenema (1997)
Director: Adam Jones
Sister Hazel 'All for You' music video All for You (1997)
Sister Hazel
Director: Thomas Mignone
The Wombats 'Our Perfect Disease' music video Our Perfect Disease
The Wombats
Director: Mark Staubach
Production Company: Rockhard

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