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New Order 'Be a Rebel' music video Be a Rebel (2020) Director: NYSU
New Order 'People On The High Line' music video People On The High Line (2016) Directors: Grace Lambert, Jackson Ducasse
New Order 'Tutti Frutti' music video Tutti Frutti (2016) Director: Tom Haines
New Order 'Restless' music video Restless (2015) Director: NYSU
Production Company: Somesuch & Co
New Order 'Turn' music video Turn (2006) Director: Thomas Draschan
New Order 'Everything's Gone Green' music video Everything's Gone Green (2006) Director: Thomas Draschan
New Order 'Temptation' music video Temptation (2006) Director: Michael Shamberg
New Order 'Waiting for the Sirens' Call' music video Waiting for the Sirens' Call (2005) Director: John Hardwick
New Order 'Jetstream' music video Jetstream (2005) Production Company: Black Dog Films
Director: Dawn Shadforth
New Order 'Krafty' music video Krafty (2005) Director: Johan Renck
Production Companies: Exposure Films, R.A.F.
New Order 'Here to Stay' music video Here to Stay (2002) Production Company: Flynn Productions
Director: Paul Gore
New Order '60 Miles an Hour' music video 60 Miles an Hour (2001) Directors: Rob Leggatt, Leigh Marling
Production Company: Blue Source
New Order 'Crystal Special Circumstances Mix (Digweed & Muir Bedrock Radio Edit)' music video Crystal Special Circumstances Mix (Digweed & Muir Bedrock Radio Edit) (2001) Directors: Gina Birch, Simon Tyszko
New Order 'Crystal' music video Crystal (2001) Director: Johan Renck
New Order '1963' music video 1963 (1995) Director: Gina Birch
New Order 'Blue Monday' music video Blue Monday (1995) Director: James Hyman
New Order 'World (The Price of Love)' music video World (The Price of Love) (1993) Director: Baillie Walsh
New Order 'Spooky' music video Spooky (1993) Director: Richard Heslop
New Order 'Regret' music video Regret (1993)
New Order 'Ruined in a Day' music video Ruined in a Day (1993) Director: Keith Allen
New Order 'Regret' music video Regret (1993) Director: Peter Care
New Order 'World in Motion' music video World in Motion (1990) Director: The Bailey Brothers
New Order 'Run 2' music video Run 2 (1989) Director: Robert Frank (3)
New Order 'Round & Round' music video Round & Round (1989) Director: Paula Greif
New Order 'Fine Time' music video Fine Time (1988) Director: Richard Heslop
New Order 'Blue Monday' music video Blue Monday (1988) Directors: Robert Breer, William Wegman
New Order 'Touched by the Hand of God' music video Touched by the Hand of God (1987) Director: Kathryn Bigelow
New Order 'True Faith' music video True Faith (1987) Director: Philippe Decouflé
New Order 'Bizarre Love Triangle' music video Bizarre Love Triangle (1986) Director: Robert Longo
New Order 'State of the Nation' music video State of the Nation (1986) Director: Big TV!
New Order 'Shellshock' music video Shellshock (1986) Director: Rick Elgood
New Order 'The Perfect Kiss' music video The Perfect Kiss (1985) Director: Jonathan Demme
New Order 'Confusion' music video Confusion (1983) Director: Charles Sturridge
New Order 'Blue Monday' music video Blue Monday (1983)

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