Music Videos Released in 1983 (285)

The Human League '(Keep Feeling) Fascination' music video

(Keep Feeling) Fascination (1983)

The Human League

Stray Cats '(She's) Sexy & 17' music video

(She's) Sexy & 17 (1983)

Stray Cats

Alarm (3) '68 Guns' music video

68 Guns (1983)


Status Quo 'A Mess Of Blues' music video

A Mess Of Blues (1983)

Status Quo

Marine Girls 'A Place in the Sun' music video

A Place in the Sun (1983)

Marine Girls

Rick Springfield 'Affair of the Heart' music video

Affair of the Heart (1983)

Rick Springfield

Klaus Nomi 'After the Fall' music video

After the Fall (1983)

Klaus Nomi

Journey 'After The Fall' music video

After The Fall (1983)


Rufus & Chaka Khan 'Ain't Nobody' music video

Ain't Nobody (1983)

Rufus & Chaka Khan

Kiss 'All Hell's Breakin' Loose' music video

All Hell's Breakin' Loose (1983)


Lionel Richie 'All Night Long (All Night)' music video

All Night Long (All Night) (1983)

Lionel Richie

Director: Bob Rafelson

Sparks 'All You Ever Think About Is Sex' music video

All You Ever Think About Is Sex (1983)


Sheena Easton 'Almost Over You' music video

Almost Over You (1983)

Sheena Easton

Herbie Hancock 'Autodrive' music video

Autodrive (1983)

Herbie Hancock

Rod Stewart 'Baby Jane' music video

Baby Jane (1983)

Rod Stewart

Carmel 'Bad Day' music video

Bad Day (1983)


Ozzy Osbourne 'Bark at the Moon' music video

Bark at the Moon (1983)

Ozzy Osbourne

Burning Sensations 'Belly Of The Whale' music video

Belly Of The Whale (1983)

Burning Sensations

Blitz (11) 'Betty Frígida' music video

Betty Frígida (1983)

Blitz (11)

Robert Plant 'Big Log' music video

Big Log (1983)

Robert Plant

The Icicle Works 'Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream)' music video

Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream) (1983)

The Icicle Works

New Order 'Blue Monday' music video

Blue Monday (Version 1) (1983)

New Order

Pat Wilson 'Bop Girl' music video

Bop Girl (1983)

Pat Wilson

Misfits 'Braineaters' music video

Braineaters (1983)


Tracey Ullman 'Breakaway' music video

Breakaway (1983)

Tracey Ullman

Dokken 'Breaking the Chains' music video

Breaking the Chains (1983)


Talking Heads 'Burning Down The House' music video

Burning Down The House (1983)

Talking Heads

Madonna 'Burning Up' music video

Burning Up (1983)


Survivor 'Caught In The Game' music video

Caught In The Game (1983)


Journey 'Chain Reaction' music video

Chain Reaction (1983)


Tears For Fears 'Change' music video

Change (1983)

Tears For Fears

David Bowie 'China Girl' music video

China Girl (1983)

David Bowie

Culture Club 'Church Of The Poison Mind' music video

Church Of The Poison Mind (1983)

Culture Club

Spandau Ballet 'Communication' music video

Communication (1983)

Spandau Ballet

New Order 'Confusion' music video

Confusion (1983)

New Order

Sparks 'Cool Places' music video

Cool Places (1983)


Rush 'Countdown' music video

Countdown (1983)


Bananarama 'Cruel Summer' music video

Cruel Summer (1983)


John Mellencamp 'Crumblin' Down' music video

Crumblin' Down (1983)

John Mellencamp

Bryan Adams 'Cuts Like A Knife' music video

Cuts Like A Knife (1983)

Bryan Adams

Wang Chung 'Dance Hall Days' music video

Dance Hall Days (Version 1) (1983)

Wang Chung

Kim Wilde 'Dancing In The Dark' music video

Dancing In The Dark (1983)

Kim Wilde

Billy Idol 'Dancing With Myself' music video

Dancing With Myself (1983)

Billy Idol

Director: Tobe Hooper

Siouxsie & The Banshees 'Dear Prudence' music video

Dear Prudence (1983)

Siouxsie & The Banshees

Bow Wow Wow 'Do You Wanna Hold Me?' music video

Do You Wanna Hold Me? (1983)

Bow Wow Wow